Gerardo Recinos Chavez - Finca El Naranjo - Pacas (GrainPro)

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Gerardo Recinos Chavez is the owner of El Naranjo farm in the mountainous microregion of Alotepec-Metapán in Chalatenango, El Salvador. The farm is about ¾ hectare in size and is located at 1700 masl.

Both Pacamara and Pacas varieties are grown on the farm with annual production at 25 quintales. Coffee is harvested from December to February and handpicked. Beans are fermented for 16-18 hours and then dried on African beds for 10-12 days.

Gerardo explains the history of the farm saying, “The farm has been around for 12 years and came from one generation to another generation. My dad gave a piece of land to me as inheritance and he told me that if I wanted, to plant to have my own coffee.” Additionally Gerardo has had to overcome the challenge of some roya “rust” disease on El Naranjo.

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ID# 9346

Origin El Salvador
Region Chalatenango
Farm Finca El Naranjo
Variety Pacas
Altitude 1700 masl
Proc. Method Washed

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"Soy nut."