Alto San Juan Micromill - Diego Abarca - Finca San Calletano - Las Cañas Lot (GrainPro)

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Producer: Diego Abarca Quirós (20 years producing)

Farm Size: 20 Manzanas

Seasonal Employees: 30

Permanent Employees: 3

Café Imports bought its first Costa Rica microlot container at the end of the 2006/2007 harvest; at that time, microlot offerings were basically nonexistent. In six years, the Costa Rican microlot market has grown, and now Costa Rica is one of the most popular origins, delivering very consistent quality year after year.

The Costas Café Imports is carrying are all sourced directly from micromills, and producers were paid at the farm-gate level. We managed local transportation, dry-milling, consolidation, and exportation of the coffees. This experience is extremely valuable, as it gives us a better understanding of what it takes to get coffee from cherry to export quality in GrainPro and jute with its corresponding marks.

Café Imports is excited to bring you, once again, high-quality and traceable microlots from Costa Rica.

— Piero Cristiani

For more information on coffee production in Costa Rica, visit our Costa Rica origin page.

ID# 9468

Origin Costa Rica
Region San Calletano, Tarrazú
Farm Las Cañas
Variety Catuai
Altitude 1700 masl
Proc. Method Washed

The Cup

"Sweet, clean, fruity, toffee, honey and creamy."