Arnulfo Leguizamo - Finca El Faldón - San Agustin - Huila (GrainPro)

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Arnulfo Leguizamo is who every cafetero in Colombia should aspire to be. He is a member of Asociacion Los Naranjos, a project we have developed over the years were we pay a premium for coffees that meet certain cup-quality specifications.

In 2011, he won the first price at the Cup of Excellence with coffee from this farm. An unprecedented price of $45/lb was paid for the Cup of Excellence coffee. He promised his family he would take them to see the ocean and he already did. (He showed us the pictures to prove it).

Arnulfo is very proud to be a farmer. What this new generation of cafeteros wants is recognition for their hard work and the means to sell their coffee as a traceable microlot and not a blend.

We met Diego, his son, at the Los Naranjos cupping lab. He is training to be a cupper at the moment and plans to stay in the business. Farmers are now starting to understand the importance of being able to taste their own coffee.

We are really excited for Arnulfo and Los Naranjos' future! It looks promising and should bring us more top-notch coffee throughout the years.

ID# 10486

Origin Colombia
Region San Agustin, Huila
Farm Finca El Faldón
Variety Caturra
Altitude 1840 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed, Sun Dried

The Cup

"Strong acidity, sweet and heavy with chocolate, cherry cola and mango."