Community Coffee - Buenos Aires - Red Bourbon - Natural (GrainPro)

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High up on the north face of Volcan de Santa Ana, Buenos Aires is one of the best coffee areas of El Salvador. It's a tight-knit community where farmers help harvest each other's cherries.

The Rio Zarco mill receives beans from more than 80 Buenos Aires farmers, from which they filter out bad tasting Catimor to produce a Red Bourbon, Typica, Pacamara and Kenya lot from farms starting at 1450 m up to 1740.

Every year we select around a dozen farms worth processing on their own, due to special varieties or a clear commitment to quality; these are the Buenos Aires Microlots.San Roberto, which placed 1st in the C.o.E. is also located in this area.

ID# 9638

Origin El Salvador
Region Volcan de Santa Ana
Farm Buenos Aires Community
Variety Red Bourbon, Typica, Pacamara and Kenya
Altitude 1450-1740m
Proc. Method Natural

The Cup

"White peach, rich citrus, raspberry, chocolate, floral and white grape."