Gucienda - Kirinyaga - AB (GrainPro)

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This coffee comes to us courtesy of Gucienda Estate, a large coffee farm located 15 km from the town of Embu, in Kenya's Kirinyaga region. As tradition teaches, coffee is harvested by hand upon full ripeness and de-pulped. It then ferments over night as the sugars naturally break down, and is washed the next day and placed on raised beds to dry in the sun. Typically, the sorting and turning of the coffee takes place during these stage, removing defects and helping the beans to dry evenly. The red volcanic soil of this area supports the SL 28 and Ruiru 11 varieties, among other crops grown such as maize and bananas.

For more information on Kenyan coffee, visit our Kenya origin page.

ID# 9133

Origin Kenya
Region Kirinyaga
Farm Various Farmers
Variety SL 28, Ruiru 11
Altitude 1650 masl
Proc. Method Washed

The Cup

"Sugary with rhubarb jam and apple."