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The profiles in Brazil can vary greatly throughout the country. Traditionally, and pre–specialty coffee, Brazils were known for their body, mild sweetness, and nuttiness. Today, those Brazils definitely still exist, but due to advancements in sorting and processing, we are seeing soft cups that have an intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate, big bodies, and supporting complementary acidity. Well-processed naturals bring in a variety of red fruits to the mix, to make these coffees really shine. The lots full of quakers, hard cups, and "rio" are no longer the only option from Brazil. We are proud to have some extremely special Brazils in our lineup throughout the year.

Carmo Coffees

Cafe Imports has been in partnership with Carmo Coffees for nearly a decade. Founders Jacques Pereira and Luiz Paulo have created a program that allows for continual offerings of the highest caliber Sur de Minas coffees on the market, year round. Not only are they professionals at creating sustainable offerings, their expertise and partnership allows for us as an importer to connect them with our customers — educating, empowering, and strengthening the relationships of all those involved. We are extremely proud to work with Carmo Coffee and to offer a wide range of their coffees throughout the year.

The Nossa Senhora de Fátima farm is located on the city of Perdizes, Alto Paranaiba Region, Cerrado vegetation area of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Coffee produced comes from Arabica species selected plants. All the process developed on the property is carefully followed by an Agronomist Engineer, ensuring a high-level quality and taste standard to the coffee.

The Coffee produced on Nossa Senhora de Fátima Farm, has outstanding features of Cerrado Vegetation such as: good body, delicate acidity, and a chocolatey flavor.

The main production at Nossa de Fátima is specialty coffee, but other activities include: pig-farming, cattle-farming, sheep-farming, and silviculture.

For more information about coffee production in Brazil, visit our Brazil origin page.

ID# 9247

Origin Brazil
Region Perdizes, Alto Paranaiba Region, Cerrado vegetation area of Minas Gerais State
Farm Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Variety Acaiá, Bourbon, Catuai, Yellow Catuai, IBC, Icatu, Mundo Novo, Topázio
Altitude 950 masl
Proc. Method Natural

The Cup

"Toffee and chocolate, orange notes with a rich buttery body."