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The profiles in Brazil can vary greatly throughout the country. Traditionally, and pre–specialty coffee, Brazils were known for their body, mild sweetness, and nuttiness. Today, those Brazils definitely still exist, but due to advancements in sorting and processing, we are seeing soft cups that have an intense sweetness in the form of caramel and chocolate, big bodies, and supporting complementary acidity. Well-processed naturals bring in a variety of red fruits to the mix, to make these coffees really shine. The lots full of quakers, hard cups, and "rio" are no longer the only option from Brazil. We are proud to have some extremely special Brazils in our lineup throughout the year.

Carmo Coffees

Cafe Imports has been in partnership with Carmo Coffees for nearly a decade. Founders Jacques Pereira and Luiz Paulo have created a program that allows for continual offerings of the highest caliber Sur de Minas coffees on the market, year round. Not only are they professionals at creating sustainable offerings, their expertise and partnership allows for us as an importer to connect them with our customers — educating, empowering, and strengthening the relationships of all those involved. We are extremely proud to work with Carmo Coffees and to offer a wide range of their coffees throughout the year.

*Project CriaCarmo:

As part of our partnership with Carmo Coffee, we are involved with a project called CriaCarmo, a program funding Swimming classes and Karate classes for youth in the Carmo de Minas area. The program started in July 2013 and was created by Jacques Pereira and Luiz Paulo of Carmo. Proceeds for CriaCarmo are raised from Carmo coffee purchases, amounting to $7,500 in 2013 to help fund the program.

Fazenda Santa Clara

Moacyr Dias Pereira and his wife have owned Fazenda Santa Clara since the year 2000. The farm itself was started in 1902 when Moacyt's father moved to the area in search of rich soil for coffee production. Santa Clara boasts a total of 400 hectares of land, of which 140 are dedicated to coffee production. As the Periera's have many different varieties at Santa Clara, they utilize both machinery and by-hand harvesting methods when it comes to picking coffee. A method of clean and proper pruning is utilized at Santa Clara, allowing for consistent volume in production and increased tree health. The family has deep concerns about the environment and leaves large areas of native forest and head waters well preserved. Other crops grown on the farm include bananas, corn, wheat, oat and soy, and they raise both dairy and beef cattle.

For more information on Brazilian coffee, visit our Brazil origin page.

ID# 9250

Origin Brazil
Region Carmo de Minas
Farm Fazenda Santa Clara
Variety Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Acaiá, Yellow Catuaí, Red Catuaí, Topázio
Altitude 900-1100 masl
Proc. Method Pulped Natural

The Cup

"Citric acidity, soft and balanced."