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From the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union:

The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives located throughout Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia that are now exporting high quality coffee directly to the international market. The union provides marketing, credit, and technical services to 47 primary cooperative societies and over 70,000 farmers.

Coffee here is grown near homesteads and planted at low densities, ranging from 1000 to 1800 trees per hectare. Depending on altitudinal variation and rainfall distribution, the harvesting period varies from September to December while main exporting period is from January to August. Harvesting is mostly done by family labor. Freshly handpicked cherries are sorted before pulping and are sold to cooperatives for processing.

Fresh clean red cherries are supplied to primary cooperative washing stations, depulped, and fermented. The fermented coffee is then washed with clean water, soaked, then dried to a moisture content of 11.5%.

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ID# 9278

Origin Ethiopia
Region Sidama
Farm Multiple Farmers
Variety Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties
Altitude 1750-2100 masl
Proc. Method Washed

The Cup

"Sweet floral, toffee, lemon and savory."