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The Bateia Community is located in the municipality of Castelo, in the Montanhas do EspĆ­rito Santo region. The name Bateia comes from an instrument used to pan for gold, separating it from sand, due to the great quantity of this metal found underground there. Gold extraction took place until the mid-1980s.

Nowadays the community houses around 60 families, all of which make their living through coffee. Its inhabitants are descended from Italian immigrants who arrived in the region around 1906. They settled in the area and soon after began the first coffee plantations. The main varieties planted are Red and Yellow CatuaĆ­. Production of specialty coffees began in the year 2000 when the first beans were pulped. Since then they have shown great potential for quality. Today 90% of the inhabitants work with specialty coffees and the community has stood out on the municipal, state and national stages for its high-quality coffees.

The producers have their own processing infrastructure, with washers/separators, hullers, covered patios and granaries for storage. The elevation of the community varies from 870 to 1100 meters and the climate is highland tropical. The harvest is selective and generally occurs from May to December. Each year the producers have been increasingly committed to the objective of further improving their quality. This year they began the process of fermenting the beans in tanks without water.

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Origin Brazil

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"Mild, soft and citric with cocoa, and peanut flavor."