Special Prep Lintong

The howlin-good special prep Lintong is back! You may remember the roasted bell pepper flavors, teamed with fruit and spice. MmmMmMmmm! Full container here, awaiting a loving home.

Extensive list of CoE offerings

We have Colombians, Brazils, El Sals, Guates, Costas, and Nics available in split bags right now. A pretty impressive smattering if I do say so myself. Go to our CoE offerings page for more information and pricing. Thanks,

Golden Cup of Rwanda 2007!

What a “Dry Run!” So what’s up with the Cup of Excellence only being in Central and South America? We all know that there are many excellent coffees from there, but isn’t the Cup of Excellence supposed to be seeking out that undiscovered gem, along side with the established solid year in and year out […]