Our newest shinning star!

He’s always been our little shinning star, but now, the SCAA thinks he’s a star too! Congratulations to Jamin Haddox of Cafe Imports for passing the SCAA Q cupper, Star cupper, and all around cupper superstardom test on his first try! Nice job!

New Buds of Growth

This trip has gone very fast, as they always seem to go. It’s our last day in El Salvador, and we are driving north up to Chalatenango to visit Mr. Raul Ochoa and La Montanas farm. The visit to La Montanas was the original reason that we had planned to come down to El Salvador. […]

Agovio and Orange Bourbon

[Sorry for the delay in the El Salvador travel reports. I got back, and the coffee market went nuts! Back on track, and 2 more El Sal updates to go!] Okay, gushing over what one does for a job is not cool, for all those out there that can’t stand their jobs, but damn this […]

Where is the market going next?

Okay, that was a misleading title, because I am not going to pretend to tell you where we are going next, and neither should you listen to anyone who is telling you. If you can tell where the coffee market is going, well, close down your roaster, and just trade futures. Oh yea, there are […]