Amanda’s Grounds for Health trip Update

My week in Chiapas with Grounds for Health absolutely flew by, as do most trips far from home that you are genuinely enthralled in. After taking a quick break from reality to catch up with friends in Mexico City, I caught an eeaaaarly morning flight to Tuxtla Guiterrez, Chiapas, took a taxi.. to catch a […]

Our Tea Adventure

A few weeks ago, a group of us from Café Imports were graciously hosted by Bill Waddington and Michael Lannier of TeaSource, a specialty tea importer here in the Twin Cities. Bill is a world recognized authority on specialty tea and has been involved in the tea business for over 20 years. We discussed the […]

First Annual 2010 Coffee Conservation Award

The winner of the first EVER Coffee Conservation Award was announced prior to the SCAA Anaheim conference last weekend.  We want to say congratulations to Finca El Porvenir of El Salvador on demonstrating such ecologically and socially responsible farming techniques while contributing to and conserving their on-farm forest and animal habitat. Finca El Porvenir is a […]

Ethiopia ECX/DST and Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia 2010 Govt Crackdown Ethiopia 2008-2009 Ethiopian govt was approaching a problem with illegal activity amongst exporters. 50k tons of coffee which was supposed to be exported was either blended with lower grade coffees and sold into the local market at better prices or substituted with lower grade coffee and exported. Profits on selling into […]

Burundi 2010

As we drove through the coffee country and it started to rain we could smell the potato in the soil.  A number of practices may contribute to potato. One of which is tilling the coffee fields and intercropping food crops like beans and other items.  It seems tree health is one of the first steps […]

NEW Biodegradable Sample Bags

Cafe Imports Goes Biodegradable With Sample Bags We have some exciting news about our new sample bags arriving in May.  As most of you know, as a green bean importer, we go through a ton of sample bags per year.  We believe it is important that our customers have the ability to sample coffees before making […]

Pallet Rates to the Coasts

A Note from the Shipping Guru I’ve managed to find flat pallet rates to the West Coast (from Café Imports’ warehouse in Saint Paul) as well as pallet rates from Continental Terminals in NJ to several East Coast states. Also, as many freight companies are vying for my attention our business, several have dropped their […]

Cafe Imports New Look

If you haven't already noticed…we have given our website a bit of a face lift.  We hope this helps with its ease and usability.  A few things to point out: *You can search our offerings directly from the homepage.  Just type in the coffee you are looking for in the header and BAM! *Beanologies are now front […]