Rust Fungus in Colombia

In the last 2-3 years we have seen a shortage of Colombian coffee that has contributed to the high Colombian differentials (prices) and also has contributed to the worldwide coffee shortage, being the world’s largest washed coffee producer.  All of the above has also had an impact in the prices of the coffee worldwide (Coffee […]

Coffee Sendback Event to El Salvador!

Cafe Imports is organizing its first ever coffee sendback event to microlot producers in El Salvador. What does that mean? You send us a pound of roasted coffee from one of our partner microlot producers in El Salvador, and we will compile your coffee with other roaster’s coffee and send one huge care package to […]

Los Naranjos 2nd Semester Harvest Visit 2011

  This was my second coffee-origin trip to Colombia.  Colombia is a really big coffee-country and very diverse.  Distances from coffee region to the next are vast.  This means you are on the road for a good part of the trip either by plane or car.  I think this is what makes Colombia so exciting: […]

Noah and Joe talk about BGA Camp and LA Coffee Crawl

Noah:  Hello everyone, Joe and I just got back from BGA Camp-Pull-A-Shot in California.  It was a week full of professional development, fellowship, and making new friends while "glamping" near Santa Barbara, CA.  We had an incredible experience, and it was also just a perfect amount of ridiculous to keep things exciting.  This was my second year at camp.  Joe, […]