Cafe Imports Strengthens Position in Europe and Australia



In an effort to make high-end specialty coffee available to more people around the globe Café Imports has been warehousing coffee in London and Melbourne the past several years.  We will maintain a permanent position for roasters to order from. 

A full container of various Colombian microlots from the region of Nariño just landed in London and are available now.  Nariño is in the south of Colombia in close proximity to Huila and bordering Ecuador.  These coffees exhibit a classic southern-Colombia profile.  The IDs for these coffees are: P3762-3767 and appear as “Eniti Limited UK” in our online offerings.

In the next couple of months we will stock our Australian warehouse with a couple of new coffees.  The first two offerings will be a full container of our Brazil Yellow Bourbon, traceable to a specific farm, and a full container of our Colombia Los Naranjos from San Agustin, Huila.

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