Kona Coffee is Back in Stock!

by Joe Marrocco May 21, 2012  Recently, after a long drought of not having any in stock, we at Café Imports were able to secure a small amount of coffee from the Island of Kona in Hawaii.   This coffee is a sort of hot button bean in specialty coffee circles. Some roasters and customers […]

Roast Logic: Mokka Pequeno ID3896

  When the Mokka Pequeño ID3896 arrived from Granja La Esperanza (you know the place… where the COTY, Brewers Cup, Roaster’s Choice Award Geishas all came from) I could not wait to get my hands on it. On the cupping table, even at the incredibly light sample roast we put it through, rich tones of spice, […]

Delays in Balboa, Panama

We got word recently from one of our major shipping partners that there was a labor strike in Balboa Panama, a pivotal hub for coffees.  To give you some perspective, Balboa does 3 million containers per year (compared to the Port of New York which does 5 million).  Even if a specific container wouldn’t have directly gone through […]