The Big Beautiful Cafe Imports Variety Tree v.2

Check out the latest from Ian Fretheim and the sensory analysis team at Cafe Imports! A comprehensive variety tree that we feel like does justice to the growing education and discovery around variety origins and history.  Enjoy! Click HERE to download the PDF

Coffee Marketing and the Male Libido – What’s New?

Historically, coffee marketing has been a healthy mix of fear, shame, and male libido appeals, often masked in wholesome backdrops.  Until the 2000s, coffee marketing was largely targeted at men, and when it was directed towards women, it was how the purchase of their coffee would appeal to their husbands.  Through market research in the […]

VIDEO: Los Naranjos – Beauty in Simplicity

Los Naranjos: Beauty in Simplicity by Sam Miller This is a video showing the people, sights, and sounds of the members of Association Los Naranjos in San Agustin, Huila Colombia. These amazing people’s coffee is some of the most exquisite Colombian coffee, and we are proud to have grown with them over the past several years, […]

Café Imports at Origin: Costa Rica

There’s an 88-point coffee drying on a patio or on a mesh bed somewhere at origin right now, but what are the chances it will be an 88-point cup of brewed coffee? Coffee is extremely complex and delivering a pristine coffee is a difficult task, but this is what makes it so thrilling.  The more […]