So You’re Coming to Minneapolis for the BIG CENTRAL Regional Barista Competition!

The big news is out there, the Big Central Regional Barista Competition is being held October 25th-27th 2013 at the historic “Uppercut Gym” in the Arts District of NE Minneapolis.  We couldn’t think of a more epic location for the region that the current world barista champion calls home.  Baristas competing with the backdrop of […]

Further Explained: Sharing Our Roast Profiles

By: Joe Marrocco In today’s Specialty Coffee Industry, an inventive idea tends to become a ripple that affects us all. We all witness banter back and forth between industry professional. Some of these discussions have led to breakthroughs; others have petered out into oblivion. The introduction of our roast profiles has inspired some productive discussion, […]

Now Introducing: Cafe Imports Roast Profiles!

By Joe Marrocco Roasting coffee happens to be a passion of mine. I love tasting a coffee on a cupping table, discovering its potential (or regrettably, its lack thereof) and bringing it to a production roaster to refine the flavors and draw out the most I can from it. Since my time at Café Imports […]