Coffee Send Back → Back to the Origin

Knowing that many producers never actually get to taste their own coffee, we decided to create a way to do just that – send it back, roasted. We are super excited about this program and the excitement and support we’ve received so far is incredible. We will be doing several Send Backs each year, so […]

Introducing: Cafe Imports’ Variety Select Project

In our usual course of walking around a coffee farm with a producer and talking about his or her coffee; the layout of the farm, the distance between trees, pruning, fertilizing, yield, varieties, life and things like that, we sometimes come across interesting items; like a 75 year old tree in Brazil, a small field […]

“Roasting Finicky Ecuadorian Coffees” by Roaster Joe

The Backstory: As roasters there are few things more exciting and frightening than when we get our hands on a fresh green coffee that we have been anticipating for months. We try to put aside the anxiety, the fear of burning these precious few seeds, the scandal of letting our supply chain down, the heartbreak […]