April 2016 Archives

New Warehouse Location

We have officially transfered all operations to our new warehouse location:

2280 Walnut St

Suite 200

Roseville, MN  55113


All pick-up orders please head to the small parking lot at the south side of the building.  Office is through the south-facing door.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to call our office (1-800-278-5065) or email



SCAA 2016: Cafe Imports Schedule




Featured Coffees:

9036 Colombia ACES

8837 Peru Microlot

8627 Colombia Pink Bourbon

7992 Malawi

8186 Burundi


Origin Guests 1pm-2pm:

Shabbir Ezzi, Yemen

Alejandro Renjifo, Colombia


Guest Baristas:

12pm - 1pm

James Tooill, Lo Colombe Coffee Roasters


Andrew Gage,  Velo Coffee Roasters

Sarah Shirk, Square One Coffee


 Evening Activities:

Hotlanta: Cool Party

6:30pm - 11:00pm

Live Opposites Extract podcast recording @ 6:30 pm followed by free tacos, drinks, and music DJ'd by RADAMES

RSVP at our Facebook Event Page.




Featured Coffees:

8736 Honduras

8460 Brazil

8020 Sulawesi

8437 Sumatra

8893 Colombia Regional Select


Origin Guests 1pm-2pm:

Toarco Producers, Sulawesi

Jacques Carneiro, Carmo Coffees, Brazil

Roberto Rene Gonzalez, Co-op RAOS, Honduras


Guest Baristas:

12pm - 1pm

Grace Bishop and Natalie Roth, Tinker Coffee Roasters

Sheperd Wadley, Huckleberry Roasters


Devon Chapman, La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Chad Kimm, Ghost Town Coffee Roasters


Evening Activities:

2016 U.S. Aeropress Championship

Chattahoochee Coffee Company

7:00pm - 11:00pm




Featured Coffees:

7819 Rwanda

8634 Yemen

7512 Congo

8217 Papua New Guinea

 Origin Guests 1pm-2pm:

Arthur McGowan Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association


Guest Baristas:

12pm - 1pm

Jonathan Withers, Toby's Estate Coffee, NYC


Maciej Kasperowicz, Gregory's Coffee