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Now Hiring: Office Administrator - Cafe Imports Australia

We at Cafe Imports Australia are seeking to hire a new core member of our team!

This role will be helping to maintain accounts and business matters for the Australian office. This position will be working on accounting matters including invoice generation and accounts payable/receivable, reporting, administrative office responsibilities, customer service, and assisting with marketing for the Cafe Imports Australia office.

The ideal candidate is someone that is extremely comfortable with numbers, currencies, and open to learning basic coffee "C" market concepts.

This person will also be working closely with the US office to ensure reporting standards are maintained in Australia.

In addition, the right person is someone that is comfortable speaking to customers, and embodies Cafe Imports strong emphasis on a meaningful customer experience and education.

By nature of being a small business in Specialty Coffee, everyone wears several hats to continually innovate and keep progress moving in an ever-changing and exciting industry. The ideal candidate for this job is constantly looking at how to improve systems and procedures in the office.

Previous experience in accounting, account management, or some other position which included working closely with numbers and dealing directly with customers.
An interest in coffee and fine food, or an open-ness to learning more about specialty coffee
Willingness to travel to Abbotsford, VIC daily, M-F

Skills and Experience:

1. Accounting and Contracts
a. Demonstrate basic understanding of coffee "C" market and hedging
b. Be able to work easily between multiple currencies & units
c. Familiarity with accounting software
d. Understanding of expenses & reporting
e. Possess and demonstrate knowledge of transactional contract terms and terminology

Customer Service
a. Previous work experience in a consumer facing position
b. Ability to show empathy and deal effectively with challenging customer situations

a. Ability to navigate working with multiple freight carriers,
b. Generating bills of lading, creating pickups, monitor billing

4. Personality
a. Extremely organized, proactive, and very "type A" personality
b. Ability to work alone at times
c. Tidy and efficient in both physical space and communication
d. Strong interest in either specialty coffee, fine food, or some other culinary area

Email: with CV and cover letter. No calls please.

New Cafe Imports Warehouse


Since the purchase of our first Brazilian coffee container in 1993, we have striven to unilaterally improve on our values of quality, service, education, and progress while sourcing and developing world renown specialty coffee. Sharing that passion is our likeminded coffee producing partners, exporters, and roasters worldwide. A coffee supply chain empowered by quality has created a future for specialty coffee we could have never imagined back in 1993. We are humbled and proud to enter a new chapter in our role in that supply chain, presenting the new home for our Cafe Imports HQ offerings in Minnesota--now with some breathing room.



2280 Walnut St

Suite 200

Roseville, MN  55113


Owning and operating our own warehouse has always been very important to us because it ensures the best possible level of service for our customers. Equally so, the efficiency of this step in a coffee's journey is only made possible through the hands of our extremely capable and hardworking warehouse staff:


From monitoring proper storage, wrapping and strapping our orders perfectly, to shipping same day--we pride ourselves on equipping our customers with these benefits, and we are determined to carry forward the best care possible into an industry that has given us so much--Thank you all, cheers to the future.