The 2016 Costa Rica Lineup

Posted on August 16th, 2016

Our efforts in Costa Rica have become quite specialized in recent years, but how could they not? This is a place of opportunity, not only for wonderful coffee, but also opportunity for relationships with the people that make this all worthwhile. The consistent production of high-quality coffees coming out of Costa Rica lends itself to the existence of amazing micromills. Specific to this origin, these micromills combine the systematic benefits of a mill while maintaining the unique characteristics and integrity of single-farm microlots.  Farmers grow and harvest their coffee, then deliver it in-cherry to be processed by the micromill. Thus, we come to have coffees that are innately different in the bean, yet consistent and professional in the process. This system allows farmers to completely focus on their production and micromills to specialize in processing, giving us as consumers the opportunity to work with an ever-developing legacy that is the Costa Rican microlot.

Luis Arocha and Oscar Chacon of Las Lajas Micromill

Cafe Imports’ green buyer, Luis “Lucho” Arocha, is headquartered at our Costa Rican office for the entire harvest season, which allows us to work directly and effectively with almost 90 producers and some of the best micromills in the world. Through these relationships we have been able to collaboratively focus on raising the standards of Costa Rican microlots. 

This year’s harvest was a record for our sensory lab with 30% more samples cupped than last. We are cupping as much as we can in hopes of uncovering new gems and ensuring we purchase the best Costa Rica has to offer. Now that all of our new harvest offerings have arrived, we know that no matter the roast or brew, these gems will be savored down to the very last sip.

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