Origin Report: El Salvador

“Focus” is the word that defines our coffees from El Salvador this year, and it’s what makes the incoming crop so special and exciting for us. While the country’s overall production is still reeling from a high prevalence of coffee-leaf rust, farmers are combatting lower yields (up to 35% less than last year) with improved processing, more and better variety selection, and a growing commitment to innovation.

Legendary Coffee Tour: United Kingdom

On the heels of our first ever Legendary Coffee Tour in the U.S., our traveling Cupping event/coffee festivity is jumping across the pond!

Café Imports Europe is packing up their traveling cupping kit and headed to the United Kingdom at the end of this month! And if that’s not exciting enough, we are hitting the Alps (Munich, Zurich, and Vienna) on 31 July–3 August.

Introducing cafeimports.com/purchase-planning

We are excited to introduce a new section to our webpage: “Purchase Planning.” This section can be accessed at cafeimports.com/purchase-planning, or under the “Purchasing Info” menu bar option on our homepage. While there is no real formula for how one company or another should approach purchasing coffee, we hope our Purchase Planning page will be a useful resource for roasters, not only to learn what tools and buying assistance Café Imports provides, but also which of those tools will best serve your company’s needs.

Colombian Civil Strike: Buenaventura

UPDATE: For the past two weeks there has been an ongoing civil strike in Colombia’s port city of Buenaventura, a major shipping port for Colombian exports — including coffee. Here are a few links to learn more about this current event: Caracol.com Article Protesters in Colombia’s main port city demand national fund to end blockade

17 June, Berlin: Cupping event with Luiz Paulo of Carmo Coffees

Join us at our European office on 17 June at 3pm for a chance to meet and cup with Luiz Paulo, one of the founders of Carmo Coffees—our longtime exporting partner in Carmo De Minas, Brazil. For more information leading up to the cupping and to R.S.V.P, visit our Facebook event page here.

Origin Report: Ethiopia

Among coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia holds near-legendary status not only because it’s the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, but also because it is simply unlike every other place in the coffee world. Unlike the vast majority of coffee-growing countries, the plant was not introduced as a cash crop through colonization. Instead, growing, processing, and drinking coffee is part of the everyday way of life, and has been for centuries, since it was discovered growing wild in the lush southern forests of Sidama.