Hurricane Sandy Delays

Due to hurricane Sandy, many of our freight terminals are experiencing moderate to severe delays on shipments heading into, and out of, the East Coast area. Even if a destination city is relatively unaffected, the carriers’ terminals may not be so lucky. We are doing what we can to communicate with our freight contacts regarding […]

Ian’s Rwanda Journals

As a follow up to my earlier Africa post, I’d like to offer up these journals from the second half of my journey. After visiting our partner in Burundi, I was off to Rwanda, a very short flight to the north. Here I would be a juror in the Cup of Excellence competition. I look […]

Husker Brew Recap Through the Eyes of our Newbie!

Three short months ago I worked in social work.  I entered the homes of clients and listened to their stories- stories of struggle, stories of joy – the stories we all live with and don’t share often enough.  I got to laugh with clients, cry with clients, believe in clients and learn from clients.  I […]

Ian’s Burundi Journals

I was recently on a trip to the East African countries of Burundi and Rwanda. It has taken me a little while to get my notes from the trip together, and in fact I am still working on it. However, seeing as we’re hosting public cuppings for both the Burundi and Rwanda Cup of Excellence […]

Africa COE Cupping Schedule – Rwanda and Burundi Cup of Excellence!

Piero from our sourcing department was able to attend the first ever Burundi Cup of Excellence in Burundi earlier this year and Ian from our Sensory Analysis department took part in the Rwanda event, so we are very excited to announce our cupping schedule for these coffees we saw first hand.  We will be hosting public cuppings […]

Northern Grade – Serving Manly Men Doing Man Things

Hand sewn moc toe boots, waxed canvas rucksacks, and custom Pendelton wingtips, all amidst enough swanky antiques to make any eccentric billionaire drop his monocle. If my grandfather was still around, I’m not sure if he’d be thrilled by this move towards heritage brands or confused. (Hint: He was usually confused).Though domestically-made man stuff isn’t […]

Short Staffed this Friday the 21st

We will be very short staffed this Friday Septmeber 21st.  Please plan on trying to place your orders on Thursday the 20th if at all possible.  We appreciate your patience while our staff try to help everyone with limited staff.   If there are any delays in communication, please know it is not normal and […]

Hüsker Brew Party Event Details – September 27th

  Here is a brief RUNDOWN OF EVENTS for this seasonality focused culinary party: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27th 5:30 PM – Cupping coffees submitted by roasters from all over the world at our warehouse. Address: 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis MN 55413  From the cupping we will then walk or drive a few blocks to our main office… 6:30 PM – […]

The Best of Huila – July 2012

A few weeks ago I visited Huila again, and I continue to simply fall more and more in love with Colombia on each visit. The people, the coffee, the land, and the loving environment are simply heart-warming. This trip was rich both professionally and personally. It was my first time traveling without a fellow English-speaker to give me […]

HÜSKER BREW! September 27th

We really hope you can make it to the Twin Cities on September 27th for a Culinary Cupping event focused on seasonality with us and at our Minneapolis location!   We will have delicious food from some of the top Culinary minds in the Twin Cities: Victory 44 Rustica France 44 Cheese Rogue Chocolatier Salty […]

Nordic Barista Cup Recap

  It is not every day that I look around and find myself literally surrounded by huge groups of stupidly attractive people in a wonderful Northern European city, but there I was, in line at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to board my flight to Copenhagen for the Nordic Barista Cup.  It became very apparent that Copenhagen […]

Nordic Barista Cup Homework

Last week Noah traveled to the Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen Denmark for three days of incredible lectures, coffee education, and fellowship with the global coffee community.  One of the speakers, David Walsh of Marco, ended his lecture with a homework assisngment of sorts.  Check out this video of the homework, and heck, even try […]

Cup of Excellence Mexico 2012

By: Andrew Miller I was fortunate enough to be on the international jury for the first ever Mexico COE competition this year in Mexico City. The jury was packed with experienced COE veterans like Mr. Hyashi and Kentaro from Japan, Sasha from Russia, Doug Zell from Intelli and Joe Hsu from Taiwan just to name […]

The Year of Honduras!

This is the year of Honduras!  For me at least.  I was questioned multiple times as to why I was going into Honduras to buy coffee. Coffee out of Honduras has had a terrible reputation.  Local buyers are known for buying wet parchment regardless of the quality and blending it all to come up with an […]

VIDEO: Finca La Providencia, Guatemala

Microlots from Finca La Providencia will be arriving in the next month to Cafe Imports, so we wanted to share this cool video Piero made while on his trip visiting this year.  The owner and farmer of La Providencia, Juan Francisco, is a highly dedicated farmer that is producing incredible coffees.  Cafe Imports is honored to carry […]

Cup, Cup, and Away! – Guatemala COE Experience

By Sally Rivera In May of this year, I experienced my first Cup of Excellence, more commonly known as CoE, in lovely Guatemala. Café Imports has always supported this program, cupped the winning lots, and bid in many auctions, so I of course have tasted and sold these coffees and always appreciated the quality level produced […]

Ian’s Article “Making Taste” in Roast Magazine!

Ian Fretheim, Cafe Imports’ Director of Sensory Analysis, shared some of his insight on how we taste in this Month’s Roast Magazine! Click the link below to view the PDF article, and get your hands on the nJuly/August 2012 edition of Roast to see it in real life! Roast_JulyAug12_MakingTaste.pdf 

Colombia Teyuna Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta ID4036 (Kogui Tribe)

Andrew took the inspiring trek to visit with the incredible Kogui tribe farmers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in Northern Colombia.  We are proud to say their coffee is now available!  ID 4036, Magdelena  The cup is much richer than most Colombians.  It has dark chocolate, tobacco, honey, and roasted peanut and a pleasant supporting acidity.  […]

Big ol’ Cup of Excellence Cupping Schedule!

Wow we have a lot of COE cuppings scheduled over the next month, and here is the full list for your records.  We would love if you can come join us at any of these! Please email to RSVP before coming to these: Nicaragua:   Auction Tuesday, June 26   Public Cupping Friday, June […]

Cup of Excellence: El Salvador Public Cupping

Cafe Imports, alongside Cup of Excellence, is proud to host a public cupping of the top coffees going into the auction.  Interested buyers and enthusiasts welcome.  Cafe Imports is committed to supporting all Cup of Excellence auctions; if you are interested in purchasing/bidding with us please get in touch. We will be hosting public cuppings […]