Ian’s Article “Making Taste” in Roast Magazine!

Ian Fretheim, Cafe Imports’ Director of Sensory Analysis, shared some of his insight on how we taste in this Month’s Roast Magazine! Click the link below to view the PDF article, and get your hands on the nJuly/August 2012 edition of Roast to see it in real life! Roast_JulyAug12_MakingTaste.pdf 

Colombia Teyuna Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta ID4036 (Kogui Tribe)

Andrew took the inspiring trek to visit with the incredible Kogui tribe farmers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range in Northern Colombia.  We are proud to say their coffee is now available!  ID 4036, Magdelena  The cup is much richer than most Colombians.  It has dark chocolate, tobacco, honey, and roasted peanut and a pleasant supporting acidity.  […]

Big ol’ Cup of Excellence Cupping Schedule!

Wow we have a lot of COE cuppings scheduled over the next month, and here is the full list for your records.  We would love if you can come join us at any of these! Please email ian@cafeimports.com to RSVP before coming to these: Nicaragua:   Auction Tuesday, June 26   Public Cupping Friday, June […]

Cup of Excellence: El Salvador Public Cupping

Cafe Imports, alongside Cup of Excellence, is proud to host a public cupping of the top coffees going into the auction.  Interested buyers and enthusiasts welcome.  Cafe Imports is committed to supporting all Cup of Excellence auctions; if you are interested in purchasing/bidding with us please get in touch. We will be hosting public cuppings […]

Cafe Imports’ Employee Event Schedule

  June is a very busy month for us at Cafe Imports.  Many of us will be traveling around like crazy at some pretty exciting upcoming events.  Here is where you can find us! WBC Vienna Austria June 12th-15th  – Noah will be there, eating sausages mostly Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia – Most of June – […]

Kona Coffee is Back in Stock!

by Joe Marrocco May 21, 2012  Recently, after a long drought of not having any in stock, we at Café Imports were able to secure a small amount of coffee from the Island of Kona in Hawaii.   This coffee is a sort of hot button bean in specialty coffee circles. Some roasters and customers […]

Roast Logic: Mokka Pequeno ID3896

  When the Mokka Pequeño ID3896 arrived from Granja La Esperanza (you know the place… where the COTY, Brewers Cup, Roaster’s Choice Award Geishas all came from) I could not wait to get my hands on it. On the cupping table, even at the incredibly light sample roast we put it through, rich tones of spice, […]

Delays in Balboa, Panama

We got word recently from one of our major shipping partners that there was a labor strike in Balboa Panama, a pivotal hub for coffees.  To give you some perspective, Balboa does 3 million containers per year (compared to the Port of New York which does 5 million).  Even if a specific container wouldn’t have directly gone through […]

Portland SCAA 2012: A Photo Wrap Up

 Most of our crew was in Portland for SCAA this year.  We were very busy at various events during the week, and here are some of our favorite shots from our time in Portland.  Thank you to all of the wonderful Portland natives who welcomed us with open arms, and thank you to the incredible […]

Los Mexicanos estan Llegando

By Andrew Miller  Mexico will produce nearly four Million bags of Arabica coffee this year with about 650,000 Hectares in production and 450,000 producers, so an average of 1.5 Hectares per producer. Most are small landholders, lots of indigenous producers in Oaxaca and San Cristobal and some large estates in Chiapas.  The varieties are mostly […]

Colombia Geisha Gets 2nd Highest Coffee of the Year Score!

We are so proud to announce that the Colombia Geisha we have in stock, ID3734, Granja La Esperanza Trujillo, just got the 2nd highest COTY score of the year; 2nd only to an Ethiopia Oromia that beat it by .16 of a point.  Congrats Granja La Esperanza and Banexport! Now, go get some of this […]

Sample Roasting from the Cafe Imports QC Department

A Short Schpeel on Schample Roasting, by Ian Fretheim … I Sample Roast a lot of coffees. This is very important for us here at Café Imports because cupping scores come from Sample Roasted coffee. As green coffee importers, we screen incoming samples and maintain tabs on our own inventory by means of these cupping scores. […]

Brasil COE Cupping Monday the 12th at 11AM!

Sorry about the last minute notice, but we at Cafe Imports will be cupping the top Brasil Cup of Excellence lots this Monday the 12th at 11AM. All are welcome to attend, but please email ian@cafeimports.com to RSVP The actual COE online auction is Wednesday the 14th See you there! -The Cafe Imports Team

El Salvador Origin Trip 2012 Recap

2:30a.m. Sunday, February 5th: Despite the painfully early wake-up call I found myself surprisingly awake and moving quickly about the house, scooping up all the items I had carefully packed just a few hours prior.  I crossed paths with those roommates that were still winding down their Saturday night, maintaining a strict silence in respect […]

Twitter Peeps You May Want to Follow

The past few months have been pretty busy for us! Piero and Jason just got back from East Africa and are prepping some great coverage of their experiences there, including some insight into the amazing lots we secured in Ethiopia and Kenya and Piero’s time at EAFCA. Matt, Tim, and Ian just got back from […]

NWRBC Wrap Up and Some Thoughts on Coffee

This past weekend I traveled to Tacoma Washington to help judge the 2012 NW Regional Barista Competition. This regional competition usually entices some extremely talented baristas from the Northwest, including the top baristas from Portland and Seattle.  2012 was definitely no exception. Upon arriving in Tacoma, I flew right into judges calibration.  This year’s judges calibration was […]

Cafe Imports Current Lineup of Outstanding “Competition Coffees”

As barista competition season gears up in the US, and new competitions like the Brewers Cup and World Roasting Challenge gain momentum, we felt like it would be useful for us to point out some of our current standout "competition coffees". What do we consider a competition coffee? We believe that in order for a […]

COE Brasil Cupping Tuesday the 17th

We will be hosting a COE Brasil cupping Tuesday the 17th at 9:30 and 11:00 AM.  We will cup the top 16 coffees, including Fazenda Rainha, the #1 COE winner, which is a coffee we have bought for the last 5+ years. We are so happy for them! Come join us! Please email ian@cafeimports.com to come and reserve […]

Mombasa be Kidding Me: East Africa Logistics Nightmare

We got some unfortunate news out of East Africa Today concerning new containers shipping out of Mombasa.   Port Situation Currently there are 12 vessels at anchorage outside Mombasa port, waiting for a berth place. The longest waiting period being for Mv Santa Rosa having arrived on 24 December 2011. Average waiting time for berths is […]

Cafe Imports Supplying the World Coffee Roasting Challenge!

Cafe Imports is proud to announce that we will be supplying the green coffee for the 1st ever World Coffee Roasting Challenge, taking place at the World of Coffee Event in Vienna this summer.  Roasters will be able to choose 1 of 3 incredible lots we are going to set aside specifically for this competition.  Competitors then are taken through a three day gauntlet evaluating the […]