El Salvador Origin Trip 2012 Recap

2:30a.m. Sunday, February 5th: Despite the painfully early wake-up call I found myself surprisingly awake and moving quickly about the house, scooping up all the items I had carefully packed just a few hours prior.  I crossed paths with those roommates that were still winding down their Saturday night, maintaining a strict silence in respect […]

Twitter Peeps You May Want to Follow

The past few months have been pretty busy for us! Piero and Jason just got back from East Africa and are prepping some great coverage of their experiences there, including some insight into the amazing lots we secured in Ethiopia and Kenya and Piero’s time at EAFCA. Matt, Tim, and Ian just got back from […]

NWRBC Wrap Up and Some Thoughts on Coffee

This past weekend I traveled to Tacoma Washington to help judge the 2012 NW Regional Barista Competition. This regional competition usually entices some extremely talented baristas from the Northwest, including the top baristas from Portland and Seattle.  2012 was definitely no exception. Upon arriving in Tacoma, I flew right into judges calibration.  This year’s judges calibration was […]

Cafe Imports Current Lineup of Outstanding “Competition Coffees”

As barista competition season gears up in the US, and new competitions like the Brewers Cup and World Roasting Challenge gain momentum, we felt like it would be useful for us to point out some of our current standout "competition coffees". What do we consider a competition coffee? We believe that in order for a […]

COE Brasil Cupping Tuesday the 17th

We will be hosting a COE Brasil cupping Tuesday the 17th at 9:30 and 11:00 AM.  We will cup the top 16 coffees, including Fazenda Rainha, the #1 COE winner, which is a coffee we have bought for the last 5+ years. We are so happy for them! Come join us! Please email ian@cafeimports.com to come and reserve […]

Mombasa be Kidding Me: East Africa Logistics Nightmare

We got some unfortunate news out of East Africa Today concerning new containers shipping out of Mombasa.   Port Situation Currently there are 12 vessels at anchorage outside Mombasa port, waiting for a berth place. The longest waiting period being for Mv Santa Rosa having arrived on 24 December 2011. Average waiting time for berths is […]

Cafe Imports Supplying the World Coffee Roasting Challenge!

Cafe Imports is proud to announce that we will be supplying the green coffee for the 1st ever World Coffee Roasting Challenge, taking place at the World of Coffee Event in Vienna this summer.  Roasters will be able to choose 1 of 3 incredible lots we are going to set aside specifically for this competition.  Competitors then are taken through a three day gauntlet evaluating the […]

Cafe Imports Strengthens Position in Europe and Australia

  In an effort to make high-end specialty coffee available to more people around the globe Café Imports has been warehousing coffee in London and Melbourne the past several years.  We will maintain a permanent position for roasters to order from.  A full container of various Colombian microlots from the region of Nariño just landed […]

In the Heart of Burundi

Deep in the heart of Africa is the tiny country of Burundi and deep in Burundi is Café Imports. We have been trekking to this tiny country located south of Rwanda on Lake Tanganyika since 2006. We have logged seven trips so far and spent about two months total on the ground. We have really […]

THANK YOU El Salvador Coffee Sendback Contributors!

  We just want to say a quick thanks to all of the roasters that donated coffee for the send back to the respective producer of their lot of coffee in El Salvador.  We are so excited that these hardworking farmers get to enjoy some really awesome coffee roasted by you for the holidays.  We are sure they will take great pride […]

El Salvador: Cup of Excellence – VAC-PACKED Boxes

The Cup of Excellence competition has pushed the limits in the quality coffee movement since 1999.  It has played a major role in developing the high-end specialty market and was the tool that connected many farmers to buyers.  Opinions might differ here, but this program was one of the first (if not the first) to […]

Colombia Part 2: BANEXPORT and Granja La Esperanza

By Jamin Haddox Our trip continued to Popayan where we were met with the gracious hospitality of Jairo Ruiz, co-owner of Banexport, a specialty coffee exporter based in Bogota. Jairo gave us a tour of the dry mill where they prepare and export some of the best coffee in Colombia. They employ a large bank […]

VIDEO: Granja La Esperanza, Colombia

This video was taken by Piero of Cafe Imports during his most recent visit to Granja La Esperanza in Colombia.  This video highlights the production of their exquisite Geisha variety.  We have this coffee now, ID3734 and ID3733

VIDEO: Fazenda Sitio Boa Vista – Valdir Fereirra

Here is a video featuring the Brazilian farmer Valdir Fereirra from Fazenda Sitio Boa Vista, just outside of Pocos de Caldas, Brasil.  This video is from our July 2011 trip with the baristas.  Enjoy!  

Rust Fungus in Colombia

In the last 2-3 years we have seen a shortage of Colombian coffee that has contributed to the high Colombian differentials (prices) and also has contributed to the worldwide coffee shortage, being the world’s largest washed coffee producer.  All of the above has also had an impact in the prices of the coffee worldwide (Coffee […]

Coffee Sendback Event to El Salvador!

Cafe Imports is organizing its first ever coffee sendback event to microlot producers in El Salvador. What does that mean? You send us a pound of roasted coffee from one of our partner microlot producers in El Salvador, and we will compile your coffee with other roaster’s coffee and send one huge care package to […]

Los Naranjos 2nd Semester Harvest Visit 2011

  This was my second coffee-origin trip to Colombia.  Colombia is a really big coffee-country and very diverse.  Distances from coffee region to the next are vast.  This means you are on the road for a good part of the trip either by plane or car.  I think this is what makes Colombia so exciting: […]

Noah and Joe talk about BGA Camp and LA Coffee Crawl

Noah:  Hello everyone, Joe and I just got back from BGA Camp-Pull-A-Shot in California.  It was a week full of professional development, fellowship, and making new friends while "glamping" near Santa Barbara, CA.  We had an incredible experience, and it was also just a perfect amount of ridiculous to keep things exciting.  This was my second year at camp.  Joe, […]

COE Rwanda Cupping at Cafe Imports!

This upcoming Tuesday October 25th, we will be hosting a COE Rwanda Cupping at 10AM.  All are invited and encoured to come cup some of the best coffees out of Rwanda this year.  Please RSVP to jamin@cafeimports.com at least 24 hours in advance if you plan on attending!