Spectacled Bear

Our Colombian Supremo Seasonal Select Spectacled Bear is back. That’s right, Spectacled Bear, not Speckled Bear. What’s with the name, you ask?… Our Matt Hupton came up with this idea a few years back and designed the program to give something back for this coffee that isn’t known to be sustainably-grown. Doing research on Colombia […]

Rwanda Golden Cup

We have two lots of the Rwanda Golden Cup available in 25# split bags. We are offering lot #5–UCAR Washing Station and lot #6–Ngoma-MIG. The costs are $11.94 and $10.24, respectively. We are the only US importer offering these coffees. The quantities of each are extremely limited and, as a result, we are limiting the […]

Poa kichizi kama ndizi!

Poa kichizi kama ndizi! Cool. . Crazy . .Like . . .Bananas One of our top exporters used this term about us wanting to cup all the lots in the Tanzania auction, not just the mixed conainter that was blended together. Maybe it is “cool like bananas” to look through everything to find what’s good, […]

The Yin and Yang of African Coffees

Hello Y’all Bad News, our lovely Mtn. Meru Tanzania from last year arrived a bit old and faded. That’s what a month a sea level in Dar Es Salam does. It’s all sold out (blown out). Good News, Burundis! We have 600 bags of various quite interesting Burundis coming very soon. Watch out for this […]

Special Prep Lintong

The howlin-good special prep Lintong is back! You may remember the roasted bell pepper flavors, teamed with fruit and spice. MmmMmMmmm! Full container here, awaiting a loving home.

Extensive list of CoE offerings

We have Colombians, Brazils, El Sals, Guates, Costas, and Nics available in split bags right now. A pretty impressive smattering if I do say so myself. Go to our CoE offerings page for more information and pricing. Thanks,

Golden Cup of Rwanda 2007!

What a “Dry Run!” So what’s up with the Cup of Excellence only being in Central and South America? We all know that there are many excellent coffees from there, but isn’t the Cup of Excellence supposed to be seeking out that undiscovered gem, along side with the established solid year in and year out […]

CoE El Sal #1 now available

The CoE El Salvador #1 is now available. This coffee was foil packaged in Salvador and packaged in 10k foil packs. As not to compromise the quality of this packaging, we’ll be selling it in these 22# bags vs our usual 25# CoE burlap sack. The price per pound of this coffee is $16.41. And, […]

World Barista Championship!

CONGRATULATIONS to James Hoffman, of the United Kingdom, as the 2007 World Barista Champion!! Also a big congratulations to our own Heather Perry of the United States, and Coffee Klatch, who came in second place and was also recognized as serving the competititions best espresso! (which happens to proudly have Fazenda Cacheoria Brasil as a […]

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Dear All, We are all fine here at Cafe Imports. So far, no one we know was directly hurt in the collapse, though many of our friends and family take the bridge, and were on the bridge even that day. Thank you for all the phone calls and emails inquiring about our well being. Best […]

Jamaica, mon!

We received another small shipment of Jamaican last Friday. There are 600# remaining. Our Jamaican comes from Mavis Bank. A little information is below: Only coffees grown at elevations between 3,000 and 5,500 feet may be called Jamaica Blue Mountain. Coffee grown at elevations between 1,500 and 3,000 feet is called Jamaica High Mountain, and […]

Copenhagen Coffee

Era Ora A Coffee Report from a Copenhagen Bar? Ok, I am sitting at the bar with a half liter of Carlsberg getting ready to meet up with some friends to head off to Christianhaven to a local restaurant named Era Ora. What’s this all have to do with coffee? Actually, a lot. First of […]


If you’re in need of Utz-certified coffees, our Brazil Faz Cachoeira Yellow Bourbon is Utz-eligible. Contact us for more details. Thanks.

Yeah, baby!

Cafe Imports is proud to report that we were winning bidder for lots #1 and #2 in the CoE El Salvador auction yesterday. These will be in mid-end August and will keep you posted. Check out the CoE website for more info on these, and other coffees.

CoE Colombians

CoE Colombian #3 and #4 are rebagged and ready to go in our 25# split bag program. Call and get yours today. Thanks!

FTO Washed Sidamo

We have an FTO Washed Sidamo that’s afloat. It cupped out solidly and showed hints of citrus. This may be a good substitution for those of you waiting on FTO Yergs. Wedo have shipping confirmation on this coffee, so should be here in about 1 month. If you’d like to book some of this coffee, […]

Aged Lintong and Cameroon are here!

The delish Aged Lintong we’ve been waiting for is here! The Cameroon just showed, too… a solid African coffee at a handsome price. Please call today to order.

love for Los Naranjos

Feelin’ more love for the Los Naranjos Colombian. Coffeecuppers.com recently scored this coffee at 91pts. LINK We’re expecting our next delivery the end of this month.