CoE Brazil Auction news

In yesterday’s CoE Brazil Auction, we were winning bidder on: lot #3 Fazenda Pedra Preta – Guilherme Dias De Castro and lot #16 Fazenda Cachoeira Da Grama – Gabriel De Carvalho Dias. For more info on these farms, please visit the CoE website at The lot #16 is from the same farmer who supplies […]

Closed on Monday, January 15th

We will be closed on Monday, January 15th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Please plan your orders accordingly. Thank you.

Issue with grounds falling during cupping

This was posted on the Roaster’s Guild members board. Thought I’d toss it out here, too, to see if any of you have ideas on this. If you do, please email Emily at Thanks! Hello, all. Hoping that some of you can shed light on a problem we’ve experienced in the cupping lab. We […]

Holy Brasil Cupping!

We’re cupping the CoE Brasils today and tomorrow. We’ll go through all of the samples today and select our top 15 coffees for a re-roast and re-evaluation on Friday. I’ll post our favorites… Emily Okay, update: we cupped all 29 samples and weeded it down to 15, which we’ll recup tomorrow. We’ll be revisiting #s […]

Not processing orders on December 29th

We will be doing inventory on Friday, December 29th and will not be processing orders to ship that day. Please plan accordingly. Thank you. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks,

CoE split bag program

CoE coffees in split bags. We have just received the Colombian #8 Hato Viejo and it is ready for sale to you in 25# split bags. Check out our CoE split bag offering list for more information.


WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! We have 200# of Amber Estates Jamaican here.–Only 70# remain (13 December) It’s $20/lb. There is a 25#/client limit on this coffee. Call now! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!!

Clover Demonstration

Clover Demonstrationby Jamin Haddox (the ham in the last picture) This past weekend, Emily and I headed over to Kopplin’s Coffee in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul to taste coffee brewed with the Clover 1s brewing system. The Clover has been a hot topic in the Specialty Coffee Industry since the first prototype […]

Answer: Cameroon

The answer to last week’s contest is Cameroon. We cupped this coffee last week and found it to be both floral and savory at once. It had many of the Yerg-like characteristics, along with a savory, celery-like note that you often find in Kenyans. It was perfumey with hints of rose. A complex coffee. Thanks […]

Guess this mystery coffee and win a prize!

Guess this mystery coffee and win a prize! Take a peek at the photos below. Do you think you know where this long and lean, totally tubular coffee is from? If so, send an email to Emily ( with your guess. If you are correct, we’ll send you a free Cafe Imports beanie. Contest ends […]

We can resack your coffee!

Rebag your coffee? Sure, we can do that. We have the technology in our warehouse to rebag coffees into smaller sacks. We’re using the technology for our current Cup of Excellence split bag program and for another of our clients that requires 50# bags. Several pictures of this process are featured in our photo album […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, coffee friends! From all of us here, to all of you… Have an enjoyable holiday. We are closed on the 24th and look forward to speaking with you after the long weekend.

FTO Brazil is here!

FTO Brazil is here! We found this coffee to be very sweet and have a nice body. Of the 300 bags, we have 270 available… they’ll go fast!

Peru, 2006.

Boiled Potatoes and Goat Cheese: Peru 2006 Of course one of the greatest perks of working in the coffee industry is the opportunity to travel to far away places and meet people on the other side of the business. These working relationships are the backbone of Café Imports’ mission in the world of coffee and […]

A special guest from Colombia

We were pleased to have, as a guest in our cupping lab today, Mr. Guillermo Torres, a Colombian coffee farmer. He is with a group called Minga de Sueno, out of Narino, which is made up of about 750 farming families. We put 8 Colombian samples on the table to cup with Mr. Torres and, […]

Jamin learns from Carl Staub

Written by Jamin Haddox. I just returned from an inspiring trip to Agtron headquarters in Reno, NV. Dr. Carl Staub, developer of the industry-standard Agtron spectrophotomer hosts a monthly coffee seminar where he lectures on the science and physics of coffee roasting and preparation. Dr. Staub has developed much of the SCAA’s roasting and training […]


As we all know from the story of Kaldi and his dancing goats, coffee originated in Africa, in Ethiopia to be more specific. Why then am I amazed at the infancy and the new hope that I felt among the participants of the EAFCA conference this year in Arusha, Tanzania, at the base of Kilimanjaro? […]

Costa Rica, 2006

In January, Emily and I traveled with a few customers to Costa Rica. Once again, we were lucky to have our good friends from The Coffee Source as our hosts and guides. We spent the first day traveling within the Central Valley to Poas and the Doka Estate. This is an award-winning coffee that we […]

El Salvador, 2006

Women in Coffee: El Salvador When invited to go on the Women in Coffee Tour to El Salvador in January, I was excited at the opportunity, but then began to wonder, “what about coffee in El Salvador?” But, it was a trip none-the-less, and it was January in Minnesota, and there was a great group […]