Costa Rica, 2006

In January, Emily and I traveled with a few customers to Costa Rica. Once again, we were lucky to have our good friends from The Coffee Source as our hosts and guides. We spent the first day traveling within the Central Valley to Poas and the Doka Estate. This is an award-winning coffee that we […]

El Salvador, 2006

Women in Coffee: El Salvador When invited to go on the Women in Coffee Tour to El Salvador in January, I was excited at the opportunity, but then began to wonder, “what about coffee in El Salvador?” But, it was a trip none-the-less, and it was January in Minnesota, and there was a great group […]

Now, that’s a decaf!

I am excited to report that we have another really good decaf in the house (if you’re a fan of our EA Decaf Colombian, you know what I’m talking about). We had half a box of Organic Mexican sent to the MWP facility in Mexico and got that new decaf in our warehouse last week. […]

Thanks to MARRG

I’d like to thank Kristin, Jamie and the rest of the MARRG gang for their hospitality last weekend. They had their second meeting out on the east shore of Virginia and asked that I come and give a talk about the coffee market, changing prices, contracting coffees, and the like. We had a great talk […]

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new Cafe Imports website. We’ve been working very hard to make this a valuable tool for our roaster clients. The photo bit will not be up-and-running for about another week, so please check back on that. Do notice, though, the offering sheet. This will be updated daily. Here, you can take a […]

Colombia trip, 2006

A few roasters and I went to Colombia last month to visit farms and meet with growers in the region of Huila. We flew in to Bogotá, where we met a couple of guys from the Colombian Coffee Federation (FNC) who are the exporters for most of the boutique Colombian coffees we import. We spent […]

Honduras Cup of Excellence

It’s a long one…read on. Honduras 2006. Journal of Emily Naber. Arrival in San Pedro Sula on 30 April, 2006. It was HOT when I arrived in SPS. I was overdressed because I always freeze on the plane. Found the driver to the hotel with relative ease. We communicated in my broken Spanish and I […]