The A(w)ctivity of Drying Coffee – by Ian Fretheim

Last November I was invited to Copenhagen to speak to the Nordic Roaster Forum about a project that I’ve been leading back in the lab here at Cafe Imports, namely, investigating the role of water activity (Aw) in green coffee quality and longevity. From the beginning we envisioned two sides to this project, an origin […]

Cafe Imports’ Dan Jensen reports on Ethiopia for Barista Magazine

Our very own Dan Jensen was asked by Barista Magazine to report on his recent sourcing experience in Ethiopia this past December. His article recounting the origin visit was just featured in their February/March issue that just hit the newsstands! you can catch Dan’s Article on pages 42-47, or read the digital version here follow along […]

Coffee Send Back → Back to the Origin

Knowing that many producers never actually get to taste their own coffee, we decided to create a way to do just that – send it back, roasted. We are super excited about this program and the excitement and support we’ve received so far is incredible. We will be doing several Send Backs each year, so […]

Introducing: Cafe Imports’ Variety Select Project

In our usual course of walking around a coffee farm with a producer and talking about his or her coffee; the layout of the farm, the distance between trees, pruning, fertilizing, yield, varieties, life and things like that, we sometimes come across interesting items; like a 75 year old tree in Brazil, a small field […]

“Roasting Finicky Ecuadorian Coffees” by Roaster Joe

The Backstory: As roasters there are few things more exciting and frightening than when we get our hands on a fresh green coffee that we have been anticipating for months. We try to put aside the anxiety, the fear of burning these precious few seeds, the scandal of letting our supply chain down, the heartbreak […]

PHOTOS: an in-depth look at Ethiopia and Kenya specialty coffee 2014

Just before the holidays, we had an action packed origin trip to Ethiopia and Kenya – The trip left us in very high spirits; the 2014 crop was looking just as consistent as ever, and we cant wait to duke out these stellar coffees in our cupping lab. We have lots of exciting content to […]

VIDEO: Kigeyo Washing Station, Lake Kivu

Following a simple set of standard processing procedures, Kigeyo Washing Station, a COOPAC coffee Co-op in Lake Kivu, has produced some of the finest coffees that we have encountered this harvest out of Rwanda. Check our current offerings for Kigeyo and View the Beanology HERE

VIDEO: Fazenda Recreio, São Sebastião da Grama, South of Minas

As one of Brazil’s most consistently excellent coffee farms, Fazenda Recreio delivers a cup reflecting evolved processing methods for quality coffee production dating all the way back to 1890. After 5 generations of managing Fezenda Recreio in his family, Diogo Machaedo is now in charge, and he plans to maintain the historic farms exceptional reputation […]

A Lecture on Water Activity in Green Coffee!

“This can be a stressful time of year. If you’re like me, this can make getting to sleep difficult. Well, and lack of sleep only adds to the stress, creating a truly vicious cycle that nobody wants to fall into. Thankfully, the Nordic Roaster Forum has posted a talk that I gave at their 2014 […]

VIDEO: Introducing Finca Las Nubes, Colombia (Europe)

Las Nubes, Colombia from Cafe Imports on Vimeo. Get ready Europe! Cafe Imports, Finca Las Nubes, and Banexport have created an exclusive partnership to bring this amazing coffee to market from our European warehouse. We have three specific variety separations shipping from this harvest: Geisha, Rume Sudan, and Laurina We view this as an amazing […]

Café Imports’ Complete Guide to Big Central Weekend

It’s Fall – the season of apples, pumpkins and #BigCentral.  All of us here at Café Imports headquarters are thrilled to be hosting this event again.  We are looking forward to unveiling the new office space and to inviting two more coffee professionals to join us in Colombia next year. BIG CENTRAL EVENTS AND PARTIES […]

VIDEO: Peru’s are Arriving!

It is that time of year folks! our first 2014/2015 container from Peru arrived this week and we couldn’t be more excited! (see photo below) Keep an eye on our new arrivals as these quality Peru lots start showing up! In the meantime, enjoy this video from our August 2014 trip to Peru with CENFROCAFE. […]

VIDEO: New Arrivals from Carmo Coffees

With 100 years of coffee-growing tradition in Carmo de Minas, Brasil, our exporting partners at Carmo Coffees provide us with a refined cupping profile of Brazil’s illustrious history in coffee production. Though many steps of production are ingrained in tradition, Carmo Coffee is excited to experiment with new processing and harvesting techniques, as explained in […]

Cauca Best Cup: The Beginning of Something Truly Special

Last month we held a cupping competition of the best coffees from the department of Cauca in Southern Colombia. Together with a group of twenty roasters from around the world, we cupped the top 40 coffees from over 200 submissions. The next day we cupped the top ten, ranked them, and had a live auction […]

Announcing: “The Coffee Throw” by Faribault Woolen Mills

“Loomed in the Land of Lakes”, We are very excited to announce this Colombian coffee jute inspired wool blanket. A true piece of heritage American craftsmanship, we collaborated with Minnesota’s own Faribault Woolen Mill, whose wool and weaving is world renowned for comfort and quality. All proceeds from sales of this Blanket benefit Coffee Kids ( for […]

Brasil in a Nutshell

When first learning about Café Imports, in terms of its mission and values as a company, the greatest allure was an ongoing commitment to building and sustaining relationships. The Café Imports office practices this value and extends it to all other parts of the industry, especially in building relationships with coffee producers. Café Imports finds […]

“A Film About Coffee” Minneapolis Screening!

“A Film About Coffee” Minneapolis Screening! get your tickets for through our friends at Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co. HERE Screening November 6th at St. Anthony Main Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Doors open at 6:30 pm with screening starting at 7:00 pm, for more information visit   *Please bring record of purchase for entry to the show.  //

VIDEO: Experience Gishamwana Island Coffee

Gishawama Island, located in Lake Kivu, Rwanda, has over thirty-five thousand coffee trees planted with environmental harmony in mind. This farm is certified Fair Trade Organic, and is amongst forestry that provides a level of shade much greater than typical African coffee. Also, by nature of Gishamwana’s isolation from other coffee, many of the other […]

Welcome to Our New Offerings Page!

We are excited to announce a much more functional and useful offering page for you to use as a tool in your pursuit of the finest coffees on the planet.  Highlights: -Simplified Location Tabs -Sample Cart! -Real Time Search Functionality By Keyword or Flavor Note -“Whats Hot” scrolling section so you can see the coffees […]

Ecuadorable: A 2014 Barista Origin Trip Recap

    In July, Joe, Piero, Andy, and I had the pleasure of leading the annual Cafe Imports Barista Origin Trip, a prize given to each of the U.S. regional barista champions, the U.S. national champion, and the world champion. These champions might be laid back (or not) and act like hipsters (or not), but […]