Announcing the Legendary PNW Cupping Tour!

This August 1st-6th: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver — we are headed your way to taste some of our delicious fresh-crop coffees!    RSVP:  Saturday August 1st @ 6PM: Coeur d ‘Alene, Idaho: DOMA COFFEE ROASTERS. 6240 E. Seltice Way, Unit A, Post Falls, ID 83854 Monday August 3rd @ 2PM Portland, Oregon: PORTLAND ROASTING. 340 SE 7th Ave. Portland, OR […]

The 2015 Costa Lineup!

Our 2015 Costa offerings are here! Top row (left to right): La Joya, Community Coffees, Don Pepe, Don Sabino, La Candelilla Estate. Bottom row (left to right): Café Vida, Las Lajas, Aguilera Bros, Rio Jorco, Undecaf, La Perla del Café. Check our current offerings for what’s available. Check out this new photo album of all our favorite […]

From the Source: YCFCU Konga — Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

The YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union) was organized in 2002 in an effort to establish stability amidst fluctuating coffee prices. Recognized under the national labor union, the YCFCU represents 43,794 farmers over 6 districts including Yirgacheffe, Gedeb, Wanago, Dilla Zuria, Bule, and Kochere. Check for YCFCU coffees scheduled for arrival to our US warehouse now!

Lo Mejor de Mexico 2015

Xalapa, Mexico – Capital of Veracruz, namesake of the beloved jalapeño pepper, and home to the 2015 Lo Mejor de Mexico competition. Once a thriving but rural community of coffee farmers, Xalapa has grown to be the second-largest city in its state, and now holds as the seat of many government and university operations. Despite the radical […]

Regional Select: Mexico

For about five years, we have been trying hard to find the real coffee gems and top producers in Mexico’s vast countryside and varied regions. In a country which has historically produced more standard coffees, we felt that somewhere in the mix of 5 million bags existed great coffees that were just getting blended together, […]

From the Source: Ethiopia, the Origin of Origins

Full containers of fresh crop Ethiopian offerings have started to breach our warehouse doors!: current US Ethiopian offerings, current EU Ethiopian offerings, current AU Ethiopian offerings With much anticipation, we are excited to share with you some closer looks at where these containers started their journey. Please enjoy these slice-of-life “From the Source” video renditions from our […]

Introducing “Cafe Imports: From the Source”

There is a unique understanding in the specialty–coffee world that the people and places that foster coffee production are essential to the quality passed along to the cup. Responsible roasters and baristas strive to show respect to their products by getting to know them better.  The most passionate coffee professionals emit this value through taking an informed […]

Community Coffees of Costa Rica

A few years ago we started a program with a number of coffee farmers in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica and the Co-op they belonged to called Coopetarrazu. This is a program that blossomed out of our efforts to know where specific coffees come from, to know the people that are growing them and […]

Welcome to our new Website!

We are proud to announce this milestone project that we’ve been working on – a new website that we feel truly encompasses the culture and driving principles of our company.  Our internet vehicle for providing you the world’s finest specialty coffees is more equipped than ever before!  (Just in time for SCAA – as if […]

The Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association

Watch the video above for a full run-down of a program we’ve initiated with a young band of Jamaican coffee farmers called the “Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association” Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is mainly produced by the Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Moy Hall, and Old Tavern Estates. It is consistently the highest priced coffee in the world. […]

USBC 2015

The 2015 US barista Championships have officially kicked off today in Long Beach California, and we couldnt be more excited. Once again we are proud to be contributing to the competition by providing top notch competition coffees sourced in partnership with an elite cast of Barista and Brewing competitors.  Here is a run down of […]

The A(w)ctivity of Drying Coffee – by Ian Fretheim

Last November I was invited to Copenhagen to speak to the Nordic Roaster Forum about a project that I’ve been leading back in the lab here at Cafe Imports, namely, investigating the role of water activity (Aw) in green coffee quality and longevity. From the beginning we envisioned two sides to this project, an origin […]

Cafe Imports’ Dan Jensen reports on Ethiopia for Barista Magazine

Our very own Dan Jensen was asked by Barista Magazine to report on his recent sourcing experience in Ethiopia this past December. His article recounting the origin visit was just featured in their February/March issue that just hit the newsstands! you can catch Dan’s Article on pages 42-47, or read the digital version here follow along […]

Coffee Send Back → Back to the Origin

Knowing that many producers never actually get to taste their own coffee, we decided to create a way to do just that – send it back, roasted. We are super excited about this program and the excitement and support we’ve received so far is incredible. We will be doing several Send Backs each year, so […]

Introducing: Cafe Imports’ Variety Select Project

In our usual course of walking around a coffee farm with a producer and talking about his or her coffee; the layout of the farm, the distance between trees, pruning, fertilizing, yield, varieties, life and things like that, we sometimes come across interesting items; like a 75 year old tree in Brazil, a small field […]

“Roasting Finicky Ecuadorian Coffees” by Roaster Joe

The Backstory: As roasters there are few things more exciting and frightening than when we get our hands on a fresh green coffee that we have been anticipating for months. We try to put aside the anxiety, the fear of burning these precious few seeds, the scandal of letting our supply chain down, the heartbreak […]

PHOTOS: an in-depth look at Ethiopia and Kenya specialty coffee 2014

Just before the holidays, we had an action packed origin trip to Ethiopia and Kenya – The trip left us in very high spirits; the 2014 crop was looking just as consistent as ever, and we cant wait to duke out these stellar coffees in our cupping lab. We have lots of exciting content to […]

VIDEO: Kigeyo Washing Station, Lake Kivu

Following a simple set of standard processing procedures, Kigeyo Washing Station, a COOPAC coffee Co-op in Lake Kivu, has produced some of the finest coffees that we have encountered this harvest out of Rwanda. Check our current offerings for Kigeyo and View the Beanology HERE

VIDEO: Fazenda Recreio, São Sebastião da Grama, South of Minas

As one of Brazil’s most consistently excellent coffee farms, Fazenda Recreio delivers a cup reflecting evolved processing methods for quality coffee production dating all the way back to 1890. After 5 generations of managing Fezenda Recreio in his family, Diogo Machaedo is now in charge, and he plans to maintain the historic farms exceptional reputation […]

A Lecture on Water Activity in Green Coffee!

“This can be a stressful time of year. If you’re like me, this can make getting to sleep difficult. Well, and lack of sleep only adds to the stress, creating a truly vicious cycle that nobody wants to fall into. Thankfully, the Nordic Roaster Forum has posted a talk that I gave at their 2014 […]