Public Cuppings Announcement!

CoE season begins again, this year with public cuppings for the 2014 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence.Friday the 23rd May. Coffees grind at 9:30 and 11:00 am.

Love Coffee? Fluent in Spanish? Check this out…

Café Imports is looking for a green coffee scout to travel to origin 6-8 months a year; finding coffees, cupping coffees, maintaining relationships, pre harvest visits, post-harvest visits, collecting coffee information, quality control at origin, you get the picture. Can you cup, can you travel, can you be jet lagged and do the previous two?  […]

Surviving Expo – A First Timer’s Experience at the Main Event

Well guys and gals, we did it!  We survived SCAA Expo 2014.  What a whirlwind.  New products, old friends, new champions and hot tub ribs.  For some of us, this was our first trip to the big event.  I knew that it was going to be massive, but I really had no idea what to […]

Joe Marrocco and Cafe Imports Profiled by the Walker Art Center!

We are proud to announce that Minneapolis’ top destination for contemporary art has profiled Cafe Imports.  The Walker Art Center is also home to the world famous outdoor sculpture garden, which is where the distinctive Cherry on the Spoon calls home.  CLICK HERE to read the full article  From… “The traditional way of importing […]

Celebrating CESMACH and the Amazing Tzetlal Tribe of Tenejapa

This is a two part blog, the first from the perspective of Matt Brown in Sales on CESMACH, and the second of Sam Miller in media on Tenejapa.  Enjoy! I have to admit that our time in Mexico and Guatemala impressed me even more than I thought it would.  You always begin such ventures with […]


This year, we wanted to find a way to honor and highlight the baristas that have chosen to use a coffee sourced in partnership with Cafe Imports at the United States Barista Competition. And thus, #EliteBaristaSquad was born The first member to be announced is the lovely and wonderful Bronwen Serna. Squad Members #2 and […]

Cafe Imports at SCAA – What do we have up our Sleeves?

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s big event is upon us once again.  This year the show is being held in Seattle April 25th-27th Most of the Café Imports crew will be out at the event, so please come say hi to us.  Our booth number is #13095

The Best of Mexico 2014

We recently held our first ever Mexican cupping competition in the dusty little coffee town of Jaltenango, that sits in a valley of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Chiapas. It was a huge success in that we found 15 lots of exceptional coffee and met a number of quality coffee producers who delivered over […]

FARM SELECT Decaf in the House!

The day is upon us, our very first “Farm Select” decaf lot has landed and is now available for sale.   Brasil Fazenda Rainha Decaf, Yellow Bourbon ID5833 Farm Select Decafs are coffees that are farm specific and sourced intentionally to be highlighted in this program.  With decafs, the equation involving great coffee in, better […]

Video: Don Pepe Micromill

Don Pepe Micromill on Vimeo. Cesar Urena is the owner/operator at the Don Pepe Micromill, located in San Isidro de Leon Cortez, Costa Rica. We visited Cesar’s Micromill during Cafe Imports trip to Costa Rica for the 2014 harvest, what we discovered was a crown jewel in the treasure trove of Costa Rican coffees this year. […]

Good Morning from Cafe Imports!

Good Morning from Cafe Imports! from Noah N on Vimeo. At Cafe Imports, coffee is our life. Here is our proof. -The Cafe Imports Team

Costa Rican Momentum is Building

As I write this recap of my recent trip to Costa Rica, the red dust from the West Valley still lines my shoes.  This trip with Piero and Dan of Cafe Imports was a moving and eye opening trip for me, especially since I had the expectations from my trip last year of what I […]

VIDEO: The Grounds of Rio Jorco Micromill, Costa Rica

Unbelievably, there is a full obstacle course outside the Rio Jorco micromill in Costa Rica.  Here is a short video of our break time after a long day of cupping and farm visits.   Keep an eye out for these microlots this year! Rio Jorco Fun on the Grounds from Noah N on Vimeo.

Brazil Cup of Excellence Early Harvest Cupping

Polar Vortex got you down? Alternations of heavy snow and freezing cold have you thinking of lighter clothes and warmer suns? We’ve got just the thing. Come and join us for the pre-auction tasting of Brazil’s Cup of Excellence Early Harvest coffees. The Early Harvest auction features some of the best of Brazil’s sundried coffees. […]

VIDEO: Costa Rica – The Coffee of Rio Jorco

Costa Rica – The Coffee of Rio Jorco from Noah N on Vimeo An insight into the coffee world of Costa Rica, this video highlights the testimony of farmers, country-specific processes, and a sense of quality control present at origin. This video was shot using our Fujifilm x100 and GoPro Hero 3. Video shot by […]

1 Million Pesos!

We are extremely excited to announce that our program with our partner Banexport in Colombia offering 1 million pesos per carga(125 Kilos) for any coffees scoring above 90 points was a huge success in its 2nd year.   Coffee farmers participating in this program are ecstatic when they succeed as the price on the street […]