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Introducing Tolima to our Colombian "Regional Select" offerings

We are excited to be offering a new Colombian Coffee Region, recently arriving to our Regional Select program coffees for the very first time: Tolima. 

Tolima is the third largest coffee producing region of Colombia and accounts for 12% of the country's annual production. Located in west-central Colombia, this region is fully inscribed by the Andean mountains and the Magdalena river basin, making it rather remote and challanging to access. Until recently, much of the coffee growing area had been concired dangerous because of the Colombian FARC's presence. Today, Tolima has seen a drastic decline in FARC presence, allowing for increased accessability to these nutty, tangy, fruity, and creamy-bodied coffees.

We have two lots currently available at our U.S. Warehouse: 10066, and 10067 (click for beanologies)

New Cafe Imports Education page: "How We Cup"

 It is with great pleasure that we announce our "How We Cup" installment of the Cafe Imports Education program is officially live!

A thorough instructional video along with detailed step-by-step instructions can be found right here: 

This video/write-up is an installment of our Cafe Imports Education programming where we aim to provide top-notch specialty coffee education as a free resource on our webpage. 

It should be noted that this video is how "we" cup, which is slightly different than some of the set standards in our industry. So not only is this an educational video, but it serves as a transparent view of our sensory analysis practices, and should lend for some interesting conversation! Our Director of Education Joe Marrocco has highlighted these differences in the detailed step-by-step instructions that accompany the video. 

This project was a distant sequel to our How to Sample Roast video and webpage that we released over a year ago, and should hopefully be the first of many installments that we release on our Cafe Imports Education page this year!

Please enjoy!

--The CI team






New "Regional Select" Program Offering: Nariño

Café Imports is pleased to announce the arrival of a new member to our Colombian "Regional Select" program: Nariño.
As always, we believe our Regional Select program allows for the unique flavors and complexities of specific coffee-producing areas to be individually highlighted. This terroir-focused approach celebrates producers in each region; their varieties, their histories and farming practices, while at the same time rewarding them for their efforts through a program that pays higher prices for quality coffees.

Regional Select: Nariño

While each of Colombia's various coffee-growing regions has a distinct character in the cup, Nariño's unique climate conditions contribute to the special, sparkling quality of the coffees there. The dramatic slopes and valleys that comprise the landscape in this department have direct effect on the temperature modulation that creates these high-acidity, supersweet coffees: Warm, humid air collects in the lowlands during the day and creeps gently up the mountainsides at night, a combination that allows coffee to thrive at much higher altitudes than most of the rest of the country, as much as 2,300 meters above sea level.