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New Cafe Imports Education page: "How We Cup"

 It is with great pleasure that we announce our "How We Cup" installment of the Cafe Imports Education program is officially live!

A thorough instructional video along with detailed step-by-step instructions can be found right here: 

This video/write-up is an installment of our Cafe Imports Education programming where we aim to provide top-notch specialty coffee education as a free resource on our webpage. 

It should be noted that this video is how "we" cup, which is slightly different than some of the set standards in our industry. So not only is this an educational video, but it serves as a transparent view of our sensory analysis practices, and should lend for some interesting conversation! Our Director of Education Joe Marrocco has highlighted these differences in the detailed step-by-step instructions that accompany the video. 

This project was a distant sequel to our How to Sample Roast video and webpage that we released over a year ago, and should hopefully be the first of many installments that we release on our Cafe Imports Education page this year!

Please enjoy!

--The CI team