Our People


Sam Miller

Content Specialist

Sam is like a squirrel frantically preparing for winter by gathering as many acorns as possible and hiding them in a bunch of different places. Except its always almost winter for Sam, and he’s really good at hiding things while being pretty bad at remembering all the places. 

He is currently writing an album, designing tattoos, starting a wood-working company in his garage, and working here, at Café Imports.

As the son of the founder, Sam was fortunate enough to travel frequently at a young age, visiting farms throughout Central America on many occasions. It wasn’t until during a summer internship at Café Imports that Gabe Dunn showed Sam how to properly pull a shot of espresso as Sam improperly poured a pile of steam-blasted milk froth on top of it that Sam fell in love with coffee. 

He has worked as a barista and has been roasting as a hobby since he was 14. Now having visited countless farms in a multitude of origins Sam finds himself as the Content Specialist, working with the pictures, videos, and information that helps tell the story and maintain the traceability of our offerings.


skype: cafeimportsam

email: sam@cafeimports.com

insta: @robinhoodwasright