Our People


Andy Reiland

Creative Director

Andy Reiland is a videographer, photographer, graphic designer and self-proclaimed creative, working as Creative Director in Cafe Imports’ Marketing Department.  Andy started with Cafe Imports on April Fool’s day, 2014, as a classic April Fool’s day joke, but as it turned out, the punchline was to deliver top-notch visual content to Cafe Imports’ catalog for years to come.

Andy’s professional background stems from his camp counselor/directing years at YMCA Camp Minikani in Wisconsin. After completing a BA in Entrepreneurship at University of St. Thomas, and a BA in Studio Art from Macalester College, Reiland established a printmaking studio in Minneapolis, MN called Freehand Press, where he offered branding, design and screen-printing services. 

Andy was born in 1986 and raised in Milwaukee, WI where he was the son to a loving mother and father, and a sibling to his three brothers. For High School, Andy was a student at Marquette University High School where he met the one they call “Noah Namowicz”—little did Andy know that more than a decade later, Noah would contact him to print shirts for Cafe Imports, and then eventually to travel the world and document coffee.

Calling upon coffee as a muse, Reiland’s mission at Cafe Imports is to supplement the importing process with proper documentation, aiming to pass along the story and celebrate the remarkable places that we get our coffee through a visual narrative. Beyond that, Andy aims to help further the innovation and development that Cafe Imports seeks to provide the specialty-coffee Industry. 

Andy’s hobbies include trail-running, attentively following stand-up comedy, and blindly subscribing to life improvement tips he hears on podcasts 

You can follow him on Instagram here : @andyreiland