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Ari Fasanella


Like any real New Mexican Ari spent much of his youth eating green chile, playing with tumbleweeds and generally trying to avoid getting sunburned. Born and raised on the mean streets of Albuquerque Ari developed a love of low riders and mariachi music, but they weren’t quite enough to keep him when it came time to move.

A childhood in the sunny Southwest was fine and dandy, but his wanderlust disposition pushed him to see and experience the new and different. Heading North Ari made his way to Vancouver, BC - the self-proclaimed “best place on earth” (according to the license plate). While in attendance at the University of British Columbia a job arose at a specialty coffee shop that changed his entire outlook. Diving into the Vancouver food & beverage industry as a barista, he found a love for all things food and drink, but coffee kept his attention best.

Late 2011, an opportunity arose to move to the Twin Cities. Jumping at the chance to shake things up Ari packed his entire life into the back of a rented U-Haul and made the cross-country trek in the dead of winter. Inevitably he found himself pulling shots and talking shop with the coffee gang here in the Twin Cities.

Throughout all the moves and changes coffee seemed to be the constant, so it was no surprise that settling into a position at Café Imports would be a perfect fit. Outside of work Ari enjoys long walks on the beach, turtleneck sweaters, and any/all Nicholas Sparks novel. On a real note - Ari enjoys riding bikes, music, anything coffee related and his grandma.