Blanca Irma Lopez - San Agustín - Huila - Pink Bourbon (Innovation Bags)

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Blanca Irma Lopez is a longtime member of the small-but-mighty Asociación de Los Naranjos, a group of 52 smallholder farmers located in and around the town of San Agustín, Huila. She owns a 5-hectare farm called La Cabaña, where she grows Pink Bourbon variety coffee. Once the cherry is picked ripe, it spends 9 hours in its cherry in the depulper's hopper before the skin is removed from the fruit. Then the coffee is depulped and spends as long as 60 hours fermenting dry in plastic tanks, until the Brix reading drops from 25° to 9°. It is washed three times and dried under shade for 30 days.

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ID# 14186

Origin Colombia
Region La Muralla, San Agustín, Huila
Farm La Cabaña
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altitude 1700 masl
Proc. Method Washed

The Cup

"Very sweet and rich with lots of fruit acidity and a syrupy mouthfeel; intense tropical fruit flavor with tamarind, mango, plum, citrus fruit and caramel syrup flavors."