Our 2018 Progress Report

Posted on February 25th, 2019

At the end of each year, we take a look back over how well we have lived up to our mission, stayed true to our values, and kept up focus on the guiding principles that inspire and motivate us at Cafe Imports: Quality, Service, Education, and Progress.

This year’s Progress Report is condensed into a single analysis of our engagement with our communities, our educational outreach, and our efforts toward the development of ever-better coffee quality. Our focus in 2018 was on creating real, strong relationships with everyone we partner with along the supply chain, and in thinking critically about our position at coffee’s source, as well as in the marketplace where our customers are based. New investments, new social projects, and new ways of thinking about coffee are included in this year’s report, as well as a look forward to another 12 months of caffeinated awesomeness.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Progress Report and welcome your feedback to progress@cafeimports.com. Click the link below to read about what we got up to in 2018.

Click to view downloadable .pdf