We’re Hiring: Office Administrator and Customer Service Support

Posted on October 10th, 2019

Cafe Imports Australia is seeking a highly motivated office administrator and customer service support representative to join our dedicated team in Melbourne. This role will provide support in many different facets and will gain experience in several areas of focus in our small but highly passionate team. The customer service support and office administrator will help to maintain accounts and business matters for the Australian market. This position will be working on accounting matters including invoice generation and accounts payable/receivable, reporting, administrative office responsibilities, customer service, and assisting with marketing for the Cafe Imports Australia office.

The ideal candidate is someone that is extremely comfortable with numbers, currencies, and open to learning basic coffee C-market concepts.

This person will also be working closely with the Cafe Imports Australia office manager and U.S. accounting team to ensure reporting standards are maintained in Australia.

In addition, the right person is someone who is comfortable speaking to customers and who embodies Cafe Imports’ strong emphasis on creating a meaningful customer experience though service and education.

By nature of being a small yet demanding business in specialty coffee, everyone in this office wears several hats to continually innovate progress in an ever-changing and exciting industry. The ideal candidate for this job is constantly looking at how to improve systems and procedures in the office. This candidate will be able to shift from task to task, while remaining focused and completing their work efficiently. Organization and attention to detail are key.

Training will be provided in our AU office as well as our U.S. office. We hope to fill this position based on interest, dedication, and personality; previous coffee experience may be helpful, but is not required to apply.

The ideal candidate has the following experience:

  • Accurate data entry
  • Able to work easily among multiple currencies and units of measure
  • Familiarity with accounting and invoicing
  • Understanding of expenses and reporting
  • Possesses and demonstrates knowledge of currency hedging and commodity trading
  • Previous work experience in a consumer-facing position
  • Empathetic, and able to deal effectively with challenging customer situations
  • Ability to navigate working with multiple freight carriers
  • Confident monitoring and managing go incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Generating bills of lading, creating pickups, monitor billing
  • Extremely organized, proactive, and attentive
  • Ability to work alone or with others
  • Tidy and efficient in both physical space and communication
  • Strong interest in specialty coffee, fine food, or some other culinary area


  • Previous experience in accounting, account management, or some other position which included working closely with numbers and dealing directly with customers
  • An interest in coffee and fine food, or an openness to learning more about specialty coffee
  • An understanding of logistics, imports, and certification processes
  • Very high attention to detail


Full-Time (5 days/week)