Let’s go to Coffee. 

We have made it our mission to not only source and develop the best coffees in the world, but also to be dot connectors for both our producing and roasting partners by providing education, service, and support through the purchasing process, and by facilitating the creation and maintenance of real buyer-farmer relationships through the networks that we are proud to have grown along the supply chain. Cafe Imports’ Resource Program is designed as a platform for coffee buyers and roasters across the wide spectrum of the industry to make and strengthen their connections in coffee-producing countries, and we consider it a privilege to help connect those dots.

We offer an annual catalog of trips serving various purposes in the identification and development of partnerships at the coffee-production level. Each of these trips is not only educational for you as a coffee buyer or roaster, but also has real and tangible impact on coffee production and quality. We believe that by facilitating open and honest conversations along that global supply chain, true progress can be made in all avenues of coffee.

Upcoming Resource Trips

Hello, coffee traveler: Unfortunately, due to the current worldwide COVID-19 situation, we have decided to halt all travel company-wise, both domestic and international. This includes the Resource sourcing trips we had planned through the month of April. 

If you were planning to travel with us and had already confirmed your place, someone will be in touch with you soon to discuss arrangements and solutions. 

If you were thinking about joining us but had not yet made definite plans, don’t worry: We’re positive we’ll be back on the road again soon and will be happy to have you along.
We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment, and appreciate your patience during this time.

Resource Mission:
To partner with our roaster clients to share experience and knowledge at the ground level, and to build and nurture relationships in coffee-growing regions worldwide in an effort to advance the craft of specialty coffee, from the farm all the way to the café.