Roasting Concepts

Roasting coffee truly is a craft, the intersection of art and science. Becoming a master of any craft is a long and lonely process, one made much easier through collaboration and cooperation. We are about to embark on that process together, through a brand-new free educational video series: Roasting Concepts. In this progressive collection of short instructional videos, we will dive in to the three main elements that are in play for the coffee roaster: the seed itself, the machine, and the taste. Joe Marrocco is your guide not simply through those three invaluable subjects, but also the relationships among them all as well.

Our goal with every educational resource we provide is not to prescribe “right” or “wrong” approaches to buying, roasting, and tasting coffee, but even more significantly to empower you with knowledge that will propel you on your own journey. Our goal with this series of videos is to describe what exactly is happening in the coffee roasting process, and to help you optimize your quality by connecting the conceptual dots between your roasting machine, the coffees you choose, and the methods you apply to create the flavor profile you desire in a repeatable, accessible way.

Video 2:


Video 3:


Video 4:


Video 5:

Seed & Machine (coming soon)

Video 6:

Machine & Taste (coming soon)

Video 7:

Taste & Seed (coming soon)

Video 8:

Seed, Machine, & Taste (coming soon)