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A few producers located in Huila have on their farms a coffee tree with a different characteristic;cherries ripen to be pink!

The story of this coffee is quiet interesting. It all started with Rodrigo Sanchez, a producer from the municipality of Palestina. Rodrigo organizes the producers from Palestina and other municipalities. One day he got the chance to cup the pink bourbon and he was amazed with the cupping results.At this moment he and no one knew about the odd tree, and a locally research started to find out where this coffee was coming from and which producers had it.

We were told about a producer how has the coffee; his name is Evelio Artunduga. Don Evelio has a farm located in San Adolfo region at 1860 masl. In his farm he has Caturra, Colombia and Pink Bourbon. He took us to see the pink bourbon and we were amazed to see the color of the cherries. He explained about the three, it has more resistance to rust, has a good amount of yield and doesn’t require too much fertilizer. Our next question was how he got the seeds. For our surprise he told us he got the seeds from Edgar Motta, another producer.

So we continued our journey to visit Edgar Motta. We arrived to his farm, which is a beautiful 80-hectarefarm with 50 hectares planted with coffee. He has Caturra, Bourbon and Pink Bourbon. We asked the same question: how did he get the seeds? His reply was again surprising. He got the seed from Gabriel Castaño, another producer. But Edgar assures that Gabriel was the one who had the coffee first.

We visit Gabriel Castaño, located in San Adolfo. We had just on thing in mind; visit the producer who distributed the pink bourbon seed. We arrived to Don Gabriel farm; he welcomed us and gave us a tour to his farm.As soon as we started the tour we saw several pink bourbon trees. He told us that the trees have been there for a while, but never before had process them separately. Now he, and the other producers mill the pink cherries separately in order to have just pink bourbon cherries and the result is atasty cup.

Pink Bourbon: Cultivated from hybridizations of Red and Yellow Bourbon - very rare but the producer said it is quite resistant to Rust. Pink and Orange Bourbons are very difficult to produce with consistency. The recessive genes leading to the expression of these colors are easily thwarted by the presence of yellow and red genes in a given pollen grain. A carefully isolated and contained lot can do quite well and preserve the unique color and character of this variety, though this is quite hard to find.

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ID# 7106

Origin Colombia
Region San Adolfo municipality, Huila
Farm Several farms
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altitude 1600 - 1860 masl
Proc. Method Selective hand picking, washed and dried at parabolic dryers