Elkin Guzman - Finca El Mirador - Castillo - Experimental Multi-Process (GrainPro)

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Elkin Guzman is the leading pioneer in the coffee-producing world.

Hailing from Pitalito, this extremely intelligent young farmer is using new technologies in amazing ways to improve his techniques in terms of cultivation, harvest, and process. The scrutiny and attention to detail that Elkin maintains are undoubtedly paying off as he is now producing some of the most consistently impressive coffees we have ever seen come out of Colombia. His secret? Mentor Arnfulo Leguizamo.

This particular lot is an experiment of Elkin's: The coffee is not depulped, but instead is dried for 17 days on raised beds. Then it is soaked in a tank of water for 24 hours before being peeled, which causes it to come out as a kind of modified Black Honey. It is then fully dried to 11-percent moisture on raised beds, and prepared for export. Café Imports' founder and president Andrew Miller says, "I've never seen anything like this or tasted anything like it." We are excited to bring this coffee, and Elkin's experimental spirit, to our partners.

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ID# 8756

Origin Colombia
Region Pitalito, Huila
Farm El Mirador
Variety Castillo
Altitude 1680 masl
Proc. Method Experimental black honey