Elkin Guzman - Finca El Mirador - Natural (GrainPro)

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Elkin Guzman is the leading pioneer in the world of coffee producers.

Hailing from Pitalito, this extremely intelligent young farmer is using new technologies in amazing ways to improve his techniques in terms of cultivation, harvest, and process. The scrutiny and attention to detail that Elkin maintains are undoubtably paying off as he is now producing some of the most consistently impressive coffees we have ever seen come out of Colombia. His secret? Mentor Arnfulo Leguizamo.

Elkin realized early on this year that the maturity of the cherries were extremly good. On average, the sugar content of the cherries were 24 Brix degrees. After harvesting, coffee was run through water tanks to remove floaters and impure cherries. A hand sorting then preceded the drying process. The first 8 days of drying were under direct sun on raised beds, in constant movement. On day 9, the coffee was moved into the parabolic dryer for another 35 days in order to avoid high temperatures and flavor stressors.

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ID# 8751

Origin Colombia
Region Pitalito, Huila
Farm El Mirador
Variety Castillo
Altitude 1680 Meters
Proc. Method Natural