Fazenda Recreio, Homero Machaedoxml Yellow Bourbon, Natural - São Sebastião da Grama (GrainPro)

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As one of Brazil's most consistently excellent coffee farms, Fazenda Recreio delivers a cup reflecting evolved processing methods for quality coffee production dating all the way back to 1890. After 4 generations of managing Fezenda Recreio in his family, Diogo Machaedo is now in charge, and he plans to maintain the historic farms exceptional reputation as the world of Specialty Coffee continues to blossom.

Owner: Homero Machaedoxml

Agronomist: Diogo Machaedo (Son)

Micro region: San Sebastian de Grama

Size: 605 hectares, 240 hectares coffee

Production: 5000 bags, 25% high end specialty

Processing: 50% natural, 25% pulped natural, 25% washed green commercial. They dry on asphalt patios.

Other Products: Cattle, eucalyptus, and some citrus

Won cup of excellence in 2004, finished in top 5 2006-2010.

Two Machaedo brothers married two sisters and the two families split farms into Fazenda Recreio and Fazenda Santa Elena.

Fazenda Recreio has a new wet mill installed in 2009.

They have many beautiful dogs around their farm, Dachshunds and Hounds.

Brazil produces about 1/3 of the total world coffee production hence the importance in the global setting. A record harvest will make the coffee market tank while a significant frost will make it rally. This is one of my favorite origins to visit and it is very different than most. The food is great, there is modern infrastructure, and the Euro-Latin vibe is awesome!

Brazilian coffee can be a significant component in a roaster’s menu specially if they use it in their espresso blend. Traditionally, most espresso recipes have included Brazil due to its characteristics: low acidity, high body, creamy, caramel, and chocolate notes, with a significant amount of sweetness.

The Yellow Bourbon coffees come from Mogiana region in the state of Minas Gerais, one of Brazil’s most important coffee regions. They are estate specific coffees from farms which have made it numerous times into the Cup of Excellence auction. These coffees will be a step-up from your traditional Brazilian profile.

In the cup: higher citric acidity, fruit and chocolate notes, and more sweetness which will produce complex cups and espresso.

— Piero Cristiani

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ID# 9837

Origin Brazil
Region São Sebastião da Grama, South of Minas
Farm Fazenda Recreio
Variety Yellow Bourbon
Altitude 1100–1350 masl
Proc. Method Natural

The Cup

"Pear, floral, vanilla, Dutch cocoa, caramel."