Jose Benjamin Garcia - Finca La Conquista - Pacas - Washed (GrainPro)

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Finca La Conquista (The Conquest) was built in 1994 and is now owned and operated by producer José Benjamin García. It is a quaint 2 manzana parcel located near the town of Las Duanas in El Salvador's Chalatenango region. Sitting at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, La Conquista everages an annual production of 40 quintales from its Pacas, Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Catisic and Pacamara varietals. José first heard of the Pacamara variety through small talk among farmers in his locale. He found himself very curious about this plant, hearing of its strong maturation qualities and flavor in the cup. He found help from a local agronomist and began focusing on working with different varieties like Pacamara.

José has developed the following process when it comes to this specific offering:

Coffee is harvested by hand upon full maturation of the cherry and depulped manually on the same day. It is then set to dry-ferment for an average period of 12-31 hours. Once adequately fermented, José fully washes the coffee and moves it to his patio where it takes an average of 9-13 days to find a final stable moisture content. Throughout this drying process the coffee is moved consistently to promote even drying.

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ID# 9620

Origin El Salvador
Region Chalatenango
Farm La Conquista
Variety Pacas
Altitude 1700
Proc. Method Washed