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The Karindundu factory is located in the lowland region of Mt. Kenya, 1 km from the town of Karatina in Kenya’s Nyeri district. There are a total of 513 active members (349 male, 164 female) contributing to annual production, each with an average of 300 trees and 0.5 acres. Farmers grow macadamia, banana, maize, and beans near their coffee. After harvesting their ripe cherries, farmers deliver them to Karindundu where they undergo a traditional washed process. Coffee is de-pulped, fermented overnight, washed, and then placed on raised beds where it dries to a stable level. Karindundu helps to support the contributing farmers by advising the use of farm manure, pruning, and applying fertilizer. They also maintain a demonstration plot where these methods can be seen and better understood.

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ID# 9109

Origin Kenya
Region Nyeri
Farm Various Farmers
Variety SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiru 11
Altitude 1770
Proc. Method Washed