Kiunyu AA - Karithathi F.C.S. - Kirinyaga (GrainPro)

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Kiunyu Coffee Factory is located deep within the tea-zone of Kirinyaga County. Established in the 1960s Kiunyu and Kabingara, the two factories of the Karithathi F.C.S. are delivered cherry from farmers in and around the villages of Kagumoini, Kianduma, Kiambuuku, Kiambatha, Gatura and Kiamuki.

The main varieties of coffee grown here are SL 34 and Ruiru 11, with SL 34 accounting for 99% of all coffee produced from this factory. As is the situation in most of North Kirinyaga, most farmers in the area favor growing tea over coffee which accounts for often lower production rates. CMS with the aid of Co-op management are aiming to educate farmers on the potential returns of well grown coffee and are assisting with training in coffee specific agronomic practices.

Water used during process comes from the Karithathi River to reservoir tanks. It's re-circulated twice before taking a final load of cherry skin & pulp to the pulp tower then is dropped to soak tanks where it slowly rejoins the water table, cleaned of most impurities.

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ID# 10394

Origin Kenya
Region Kirinyaga central Devision, Kirinyaga County
Farm 1200 smallholders
Variety SL 34, Ruiru 11
Altitude 1650 masl
Proc. Method Washed
Harvest Schedule October to December

The Cup

"Rich sugary sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, tart and complex acidity with floral, tamarind, rich caramel, green grape, sweet cherry and other tropical fruit flavors."