Pink Bourbon - Jose Antonio Trujillo - Finca La Reforma (VacPack)

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This Pink Bourbon offering was grown and produced by José Antonio Trujillo of Acevedo, Huila. He, along with his wife and two children, live on their 9 hectare farm that has the varieties Pink Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, and F6. When it comes to harvesting, cherries are picked at optimum ripeness at a frequency of every 15 to 20 days. Pulping takes place on the same day, Finca La Reforma has a traditional 3-outlet beneficio with the additional zaranda. Once depulped, the coffee is fermented wet for an average period of 30 to 36 hours, washed 2 times, then placed in a parabolic dryer for an average period of 15 to 20 days.

From José:

“I was 15 when I had my first coffee lot; it was 2000 trees that I plant in my father’s farm. I saved the money that remained as profits from this lot and bought a farm of 4 hectares; later ,I sold that farm and my wife and I bought the farm that we have now that has 9 hectares. My wife and our children helped me building everything we have at the farm, planting coffee step by step.”

ID# 10103

Origin Colombia
Region Acevedo, Huila
Farm Finca La Reforma
Variety Pink Bourbon
Altitude 1730 masl
Proc. Method Washed