Not processing orders on December 29th

We will be doing inventory on Friday, December 29th and will not be processing orders to ship that day. Please plan accordingly. Thank you. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks,

CoE split bag program

CoE coffees in split bags. We have just received the Colombian #8 Hato Viejo and it is ready for sale to you in 25# split bags. Check out our CoE split bag offering list for more information.


WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! We have 200# of Amber Estates Jamaican here.–Only 70# remain (13 December) It’s $20/lb. There is a 25#/client limit on this coffee. Call now! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!! WE HAVE JAMAICAN!!

Clover Demonstration

Clover Demonstrationby Jamin Haddox (the ham in the last picture) This past weekend, Emily and I headed over to Kopplin’s Coffee in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul to taste coffee brewed with the Clover 1s brewing system. The Clover has been a hot topic in the Specialty Coffee Industry since the first prototype […]

Answer: Cameroon

The answer to last week’s contest is Cameroon. We cupped this coffee last week and found it to be both floral and savory at once. It had many of the Yerg-like characteristics, along with a savory, celery-like note that you often find in Kenyans. It was perfumey with hints of rose. A complex coffee. Thanks […]