Global Cooling Certificate

If you have not, please visit and pay $6 to have your SCAA flight become carbon neutral. You’ll receive a certificate like the one found at this link, along with more information on the organization, Trees for the Future.

SCAA reminder

Nearly our entire staff will be attending the SCAA show in Long Beach, leaving our office scantily-staffed on Thursday the 3rd through Monday the 7th. Please plan your orders accordingly and be sure to stop by our booth (#163) if you will be attending the show. Thanks!


Check out our recently posted Ethiopia pics and story from Jason’s recent trip. Read the story. See the pics.

Carbon Neutral flights

If you are attending the SCAA conference in Long Beach, please be sure to make your flight carbon neutral by hitting this link . It’s a $6 fee, and is calculated on an average travel distance by all SCAA participants. If you are interested in becoming a carbon neutral company, you can also find more […]

CoE Colombia

The auction is over and we were high bidder on lots #3 and #4. We also will be buying some of lot #18 from the high bidder. I will update with the ETA of these coffees once I have that information. Check out the CoE website to read more about the farms that grew these […]

CoE Colombia

The CoE Colombia auction is tomorrow (Thursday 12th). We will be bidding on a couple of different lots. Keep an eye on the CoE website to see what we end up purchasing. These coffees are from the north of Colombia, and exhibit great body, along with nice caramel and chocolate notes.

CoE Brazils

CoE Brazils are here and ready to go. We have lots #3 and #16 available. For information on these lots, visit the CoE website at // They came to us vacuum sealed and boxed this year. We will not be taking them from the vacuum sealed bag to package in our small burlap bags. As […]


I have c. 250# of Jamaican that just arrived this a.m. It’s $20/lb. It’ll go fast. 800.278.5065

Ethiopia 2007

Ethiopia is its own universe. It has its own language, own time, own calendar, own Church, and as we all know, its very own unique coffees. As with all travel, you bring some pre-conceived baggage along with you. Along the way, you shed what you expect, and see what is really there, picking up experiences […]

Closed on Friday

In observance of Good Friday (April 6), Cafe Imports will be closed. Please plan your orders accordingly.