Clover Coffee

The box The Clover Our Clover is finally here! We’re excited to be the first importer to add this fantastic tool to our cupping lab. We’ve been roasting up a ton of different coffees and exploring the possibilities. Here are some initial observations: — The Clover is built like a tank. Even the instruction manual […]

Single Origin… Honey?

Today we tasted some single source honeys from Minnesota’s own Ames Farm. We tasted 5 honeys collected over one specific time period, from one unique geographical location and from one single hive. These honeys are raw and unfiltered. We were amazed at the complexity of flavor and strong sense of “terrior” these honeys possessed. The […]

Closed Memorial Day

Our office will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day. Please plan your orders accordingly. Have a great holiday weekend.

Mountain Water Process

There is a new water decaf process in town–Mountain Water! Our Organic Mexican MWP decaf has been immensely popular. We also now have FTO Peru MWP. We will be sending more coffees to get tolled at this facility in Mexico and really encourage you to check them out. You can find out more about this […]

Big, fat blog

A few things to talk about today, so thought I’d do it all in one big, meaty blog. First, thought I’d share with you a picture of the Cafe Imports booth at SCAA 2007 (taken by Zander). We featured some of our top coffees this year, brewed on the Clover brewer we just purchased. We […]

FTO Harrar here

FTO Harrar Illily Deratu is here. We found this coffee to exhibit great blueberry, chocolate flavors. It’ll go fast!