Clover article in the Economist

Those of you who know us, know that we are BIG fans of the Clover brewer. We purchased our machine in May of this year and can’t say enough great things about it. It has, however, ruined us for drinking coffee anywhere outside of the office. I thought you might find the article in this […]

Holy Hannah, that coffee tastes EXACTLY like beets!

We just finished our cupping for the day (a late session). We cupped an offer on a Gr 1 Sumatran that tasted like nothing I’ve ever had before. This coffee tasted exactly like beets! It was an unmistakeable flavor and the really wild thing is that it wasn’t dirty-earthy… it was incredibly clean. Clean earth. […]

Cup of Excellence Boliva!

Well, another auction has come and gone. Well, not really gone, the amount of work that goes into getting these auctions set up is mind-blowing, and getting the coffee milled and out is a bit too, but most of the work is growing the coffee, and it is wonderful to see prices that reward that […]

Amanda’s off to Nicaragua

Amanda will be out next week (Nov 12-16) to do some work with Grounds for Health in Jinotega, Nicaragua. She’ll be travelling with a group of doctors to this area and will help with clinic work for the week. Look for a travel story from Amanda in our “On the Road” blog after Thanksgiving.