fazenda cachoeira single origin espresso shot and rave music

i love coffee, and looking for coffee, and traveling to find coffee, and was lucky enough to cup coffee today, but at this exact moment, was looking up some biz related stuff, and bored to death! then, jamin, freshly back from the cup of excellence guatemala swings by my desk and drops off a single […]

CoE news

The Central American Cup of Excellence competitions are occurring now and the Costa auction is yet this week. Our plan is to participate in these events as we have last year and continue to make these coffees available to our clients. We anticipate the arrival of these coffees beginning in August. Need CoE coffees now? […]

Labor strikes in Guate may mean delayed shipments

There is a trucker strike occurring in Guatemala. They are blocking the roads to the port, so nothing is currently moving. This is affecting two of our shipments: #1251 and #1243. Not sure how long this will go on, but be advised that delays are expected. Thanks.

SCAA Hangover, and I did not even drink too much!

Dear All, Thanks so much for coming to see us at the party and our booth. As usual, it was nutso, and sorry for not being able to spend as much time as we would have liked with all of you. I’d like to send out a special thanks to Andrew Kopplin of Kopplin’s Coffee […]

SCAA time! Thank God there’s coffee!

Hello All, well, it’s SCAA time again. You’ve schedule 500 things, and hopefully can get to them all. In spite of all of this, it is a great time to see EVERYONE in one spot. Looking forward to see all our clients and friends at our booth #312 and at our party Friday night, at […]