woot woot

Hola. I have some news, some very good news for those of you who have been unable to secure FTO Guates this year. I have 45 bags of Maya Ixil that just freed up. Most of these are available in our spot position only, which means you gotta buy ’em right away (no squirreling them […]

Beanology is the way!

You asked, and we’re listening. You want more info on the coffees you purchase and we have developed a new feature on our website to give the people what they want! Check out our new Beanologies here. Please check back here often for more additions to the program.

The things we do for you…

For you, our customers, we do about anything. This includes talking to different freight company reps for long periods of time and, at times, eating the very strange food that they bring in for us. Today, we received festive red, white, and blue cupcakes. Gee whiz! We decided to have a little fun with the […]